About Me


I’m Jane. I am an avid knitter and sewing hobbyist who has a plan to make knitting and sewing more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for people of all ages.

I have personally designed and created dozens of different kits – with more than a dozen more in the works. All kits enable knitters and sewist’s to complete their project without any prior knowledge or skills.

About Me - Jane Profile

I created Janes Knitting Kits to help people enjoy knitting and sewing as much as I do.

When people try to knit or sew, they are often disheartened by the complexity and high cost of materials needed for their project.  I have found the most affordable way to develop this hobby is to have everything you need for your first project(s) right in one convenient kit.

I make my knitting kits with the beginner knitter and sewing enthusiast specifically in mind. This is why I include all the materials and a detailed instruction sheet with every kit. The instructions are clear, easy to follow, and take you from beginning to end. I also want to make helpful hints for each project, such as yarn and needle size suggestions. The instruction sheet gives you a quick overview of the material needed for each project, which is excellent for the beginner and includes helpful information not found in books or websites, such as how to tailor your project to fit you or your lifestyle.

My goal is to do knitting – and sewing – doable and affordable for everyone! Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you will like this blog and find they are an excellent source for all of your knitting and sewing needs or just a fun way to spend some time alone or with family.