Are Serger Needles The Same As Sewing Needles?

If you’re new to sewing, you might be wondering if you need a special needle for your serger. The short answer is no, you can use the same needles as you would for a regular sewing machine. However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing needles for your serger.

In this post, we’ll go over what types of needles are best for serging and how to choose the right size.

Needles for #Serger & #Coverstitch Machines

Are serger needles the same as sewing needles? The answer is no. Serger needles are actually a specific type of needle that is designed for use with a serger machine.

While sewing needles can be used in a serger, they are not the ideal choice and can damage the machine.

Brother Serger Needles

If you’re looking for information on Brother Serger Needles, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll provide detailed information on what Brother Serger Needles are, how they work and why you need them. Brother Serger Needles are special needles that are designed specifically for use with a serger machine.

A serger is a type of sewing machine that can create seams and finish edges in one step. This makes it ideal for sewing projects that require neat, professional-looking results. brother serger needles have a slightly different shape than regular sewing machine needles.

They also have a larger eye which allows them to accommodate thicker threads. The size and shape of the needle is important because it helps prevent skipped stitches and uneven fabric tension when using a serger. While you can use regular sewing machine needles in a pinch, we highly recommend investing in specific Brother Serger Needles for the best results.

Trust us, your finished project will thank you!

Are Serger Needles The Same As Sewing Needles?


What Kind of Needles Do You Use in a Serger?

If you’re new to sewing, the thought of using a serger can be daunting. After all, sergers are designed to quickly sew through multiple layers of fabric and create professional looking seams. So, what kind of needles do you need to use in a serger?

The answer is that you need specialSerger Needles. These needles are designed with a cutting point that helps them quickly cut through fabric without damaging it. They also have a wide eye that allows for heavy thread such as topstitching thread or embroidery floss.

When choosing needles for your serger, it’s important to select the right size and type for the project you’re working on. For example, if you’re working with lightweight fabrics, you’ll want to use smaller needles. And if you’re working with thicker fabrics or multiple layers of fabric, you’ll want to use larger needles.

Needle size is indicated by two numbers – the first number is the needle’s diameter and the second number is the distance from its tip to its eye. For example, a size 80/12 needle has a diameter of 0.8mm and a length of 12mm from its tip to its eye. There are also different types of Serger Needles available depending on the stitch you’re using.

The most common type is the Universal Serger Needle, which can be used for most types of stitches including straight stitches, overlock stitches and blind hem stitches. If you’re doing a lot of decorative stitching or working with delicate fabrics, there are also specialty needles available such as Microtex Sharp Needles or Ball Point Needles. To sum it up, when selecting needles for your serger always choose special Serger Needles in the correct size and type for your project!

Can You Use Normal Needles in an Overlocker?

Yes, you can use a regular needle in an overlocker, but there are some things to keep in mind. First, the overlocker needle is slightly different than a regular needle. It has a wider eye and shorter scarf.

This helps to prevent skipped stitches and tension problems. Second, when using a regular needle in an overlocker, be sure to use the correct size for your machine.Third, it is important to remember that an overlocker sews at a higher speed than a regular sewing machine. This means that the needle is under more stress and can break more easily.

So be sure to use a good quality needle that is designed for high speed sewing.

What Size Needle Does a Serger Use?

There are several types of needles that can be used in a serger, but the most common is the size 14 needle. This needle is slightly larger than a regular sewing machine needle and has a different shape at the top. The size 14 needle is designed for use with thinner fabrics and can create a smaller stitch than a regular sewing machine needle.

Are Serger Needles Different Heights?

While regular sewing machine needles come in different sizes based on the type of fabric you’re working with, serger needles are always the same height. This is because sergers use a blade to cut the fabric as well as sew it, so the needle doesn’t need to be as long. The size of the needle eye will vary depending on the thread you’re using, but the overall height stays the same.


No, serger needles are not the same as sewing needles. Serger needles have a slightly different shape and are designed to work with a serger machine. While you can use a regular sewing needle in a serger, it’s not ideal and can cause problems.


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