Hi, I’m Jane and I’m the editor of janesknittingkits.com! I am a long-time craft and clothing design fan who has been writing about these interests for years. I have spent many hours studying knitting, weaving, sewing, embroidery, and quilting as well as learning about various brands and models of sewing gear and machines. In addition to this research, my work involves publishing information related to these topics in ways that will be informative for both amateur crafters like me and more experienced sewers!

How to Sew Rounded Corners on Cushions?

How to Sew Rounded Corners on Cushions

Sewing is a skill that not many people know, but it can be learned and practiced with the right materials. Rounded corners are often used in home decorating for pillows because they give an elegant look, but they also help…

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Is Knitting Faster than Weaving?

Is Knitting Faster than Weaving

Knitting is a form of hand-based textile production that involves interlocking loops of yarn or thread on needles to create a fabric. On the other hand, weaving is an ancient technique in which threads are passed over and under one…

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Is Knitting Good for Arthritic Hands?

Is Knitting Good For Arthritic Hands?

Today I am here to tell you about knitting and arthritis. Surprisingly most people forget that knitted items are made with hands…and finger dexterity is a must! So, today’s question really is, “is it possible for me to knit if…

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