10 Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles

One of the most incredible advancements that have been made in the knitting field is knitting needles. If you love hand knitting, then you most probably have been impressed by how these needles have evolved, from straight needles to circular needles to double–pointed needles.

However, the game changers in the knitting world have been the interchangeable knitting needles. When you invest in interchangeable needle sets, you will have committed to ten and more years of pleasurable knitting.

This article explains which interchangeable sets, brands are a worthwhile investment, how to use them, as well as the buying guide of quality knitting needles you should follow. Read along!


What are Interchangeable Knitting  Needles?

Just like circular knitting needles, interchangeable needles are made up of two needle tips. These tips are usually joined together in the middle by a cord or flexible ‘cable.’ Interchangeable knitting needles are mostly used for specific patterns in place of circular needles.

These types of needles are also used to knit in the round (knitting projects without a seam). For instance, you can use interchangeable needles to knit hats, gloves, jackets, and sweaters. Other interchangeable needles are also designed to knit large flat projects, such as shawls and blankets.

Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles Reviews

There are different types, designs, styles, and variety of needles set sold in the market today. The following are the ten top picks of the Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles:

1. KnitPicks Option Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set - US 4-11 (Nickel Plated)
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The knit picks interchangeable needles set come with nine pairs of needles. These needles are made of metal material and are usually in US knitting needle sizes 4 to 11 (3.5mm to 8mm). The package also includes two tightening keys, four purple cables, and eight purple end caps. Surely it will enrich your knitting needle collections.


      2. CLOVER Takumi Combo Interchangeable Circular  Needle

      Clover Takumi Combo Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles
      • 12-Needle sizes (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, 15) 5-cord sizes (16, 24, 29, 36 and 48-inch ) 60 combinations
      • Customized case for easy selection and storage, needles and cords. 12 tip sizes - No. 3 (3.25mm)-15 (10.0mm). 5 cord lengths - 16 inch (41cm), 24 inch (61cm), 29 inch (74cm), 36 inch (91cm) & 48 inch...
      • Perfectly shaped tapered tip and silky finish of the needle surface
      • Precision finish of the joint connection between needle and cord, smooth slide for every stitch
      • Made in Japan
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      Clover bamboo needles package includes 5-cord size and 12-needle size. The sets usually come in a lightweight, customized case, giving them a net weight of 0.95 ounces. Therefore, they can be conveniently carried and used for all knitting occasions.

      What We Like
      • Clover Takumi interchangeable knitting needle sets allow knitters to create 60 different combinations, making it possible to create all types of knitting projects.
      • The customized case provides safe and secure storage space for the needle sets. More so, the case puts the needles at a location where they can be easily accessed and selected.
      • The tapered tips are perfectly shaped, while the needle surfaces have a unique silky finish.
      • The joint connection between the cord and needle is precisely finished ensuring that every stitch slides smoothly during knitting.
      What We Don’t Like
      • The needle and wire connections may undo and fail at times, which causes the yarn to snag or even come completely apart at times.

      3. Addi Click Turbo Lace Tips Extended Edition – Best lace knitting needles.

      addi Click LACE Short Tips Extended Edition - Interchangeable Needle Set with addi Gold Scissors, 5 Red Cords, addi Socks Stitch Marker and addi Grip Pads
      • The zipper pocket containing:
      • 8 pairs of short addi LACE needles (US4, US6, US7, US8, US9, US10, US10.75, US11)
      • addi 24 Karat Gold Plated Scissors, 6 addi Sock Stitch Marker, addi Grip Pads
      • 5 different lengths of extreme supple red cords: (16", 20", 24", 32", 40"), 1 connector, 1 golden brooch pin
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      02/18/2024 03:20 pm GMT

      The Addi Click interchangeable needle set can be referred to as a premium set. It consists of eight pairs of short LACE knitting needles, with the needles sizes ranging from US size four and US needle size 11. The knitting needle kit package also includes Addi grip pads, six sock stitch markers, and 24 Addi Karat scissors with gold plating smooth needle finish. We have more addi needles review in case if you want to check.

      What We Like
      • The extremely flexible red cords included in the package have five different lengths, with the highest length being 40 inches and the shortest being 16 inches.
      • The tips of the different Addi needle pairs can be easily and quickly combined with different cord lengths.
      • The needles’ different tip gauges allow users to knit from both right and left. The gauges can also be easily changed.
      • The cords can be carried in more than 500 creative combinations, making it possible for knitters to create multiple projects.
      • The 3.5-inch tips are perfect for knitting in the round, especially with the magic loop. Also, the size of the tips allows knitters to use both the 16-inch and 20-inch cables.
      What We Don’t Like
      • Price is comparatively high.

      4. Tulip TP1195 Carry C Interchangeable Bamboo  Knitting Needle Set

      Tulip Needle Company TP1195 Carry C Interchangeable Bamboo Knitting Needle Set
      • TP1195
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      02/19/2024 02:18 am GMT

      The Tulip interchangeable knitting needles are made of high-quality bamboo material. The wooden needles are designed with a unique system that makes the tightening and unscrewing of needles very easy, such that it can even be done without any tools.

      What We Like
      • The needle sets have a net weight of 0.51 lbs. Therefore, they are convenient to carry around and store.
      • The bamboo needles come in different sizes, with the most extended bamboo needle tip being 15″ and the shortest tip being only 3″. The disparity in needle tip sizes makes it possible for knitters to work on different projects using the same needle set.
      • Unlike most knitting needles, the wooden needles swivel on the cables.
      • The bamboo material used in the construction makes the knitting needles highly durable.
      • The Tulip Bamboo knitting needle set cables also work for more extended needle tips, such as the 16-inch cable.
      What We Don’t Like
      • Since they are quite skinny, some wooden needles may break between the metal and the needle part.

      5. Knitter’s Pride Zing Deluxe Needles Set

      Knitter's Pride Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Needles Set, Multi
      • Special interchangeable circular needle set! This package contains one 7x5. 5x1 inch red & blue striped fabric case containing a set of 9 interchangeable needles with 4 cords, 4 cord keys, 8 end caps,...
      • Sizes: 4/3. 5mm; 5/3. 75; 6/4mm; 7/4. 5mm; 8/5mm; 9/5. 5mm; 10/6mm; 10. 5/6. 5mm; 11/8mm
      • Cords: 1 each of 24 & 40 inches and 2 each of 32
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      02/19/2024 05:09 am GMT

      The Knitter’s Pride Zing Deluxe needle sets feature special interchangeable circular knitting needles. The package includes a single 7×5. 5×1 inch fabric case. This red and blue-striped case contains four cords, nineneedles, eight end caps, a single set of cord connectors, and four cord keys.

      What We Like
      • Knitter’s Pride needle sets offer knitters with different-sized needles, from 11″ to 4″, making it possible for them to carry out different knitting projects.
      • Each needle is made of aluminum material. The high-quality material used guarantees the needles’ durability and longevity.
      • Also, the aluminum material makes the needles lightweight, such that knitters can use them comfortably for longer durations.
      • Despite each interchangeable circular needle being smooth, it offers a good grip than most other metal needles do.
      • The cables are made of clear vinyl, with each length having its specific color. The cables are also very pliable and do not twist.
      What We Don’t Like
      • Some needle tips might be blunt or flat-tipped, forcing the users first to sharpen them.

      6. LAYOER Interchangeable Needle Set

      LAYOER Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set 2.75mm-10mm 13 Sizes Aluminum Circular Knitting
      • Includes 13 pairs of 3.94”length Aluminum interchangeable needle tips in US Sizes: 2 – 15 (2.75mm – 10mm)
      • Includes 4 flexible steel red cables 12.5" 15" 16.5" 21.5" lenght to attached to tips
      • Included accessories:4 stitch holders,2 cable keys,2 couplers,1 point gripper
      • These hooks are smooth, durable, have no rough edges and glide easily through yarn, ergonomically designed smooth and soft handles are comfortable to use for long periods of time. No more hand fatigue
      • Flexible memory-free cables move with stitches and connect easily to tips for snag-free knitting. Be sure to use included cable keys to secure tips to cables and ensure a tight fit
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      LAYOER Interchangeable Metal Knitting Needles set includes accessories such as two cable keys, one-point gripper, four stitch holders, and two couplers. The set also comes with 13 pairs of needle tips and flexible red cables of 4 different lengths (14-inch, 20-inch role, 29-inch, and 36-inch).

      What We Like
      • The needles are built using high-quality aluminum material, ensuring that the needles remain highly durable.
      • The four flexible red cables are also highly durable, being crafted using high-quality steel.
      • The cables are memory-free, which means that they connect very quickly to needle tips and do not cause yarns to snag.
      • The hooks are very smooth finish, with no rough edges at all, such that they glide smoothly through yarn.
      • More so, the needle handles are very soft and comfortable. Knitters can, therefore, use the needles for long periods without experiencing hand fatigue.
      What We Don’t Like
      • The needle sets do not include an instruction manual on how to assemble the different parts.

      7. ChiaoGoo Twist Tip Interchangeable Complete Set Red 7400-C

      ChiaoGoo Twist Stainless Steel Interchangeable Set, 4-inch (10cm) Complete (7400-C)
      • Includes 13 pair of hollow, surgical stainless steel, lace tips in sizes US2-8 (2.75-5.0mm) [S] and US9-15 (5.5-10.0mm) [L]
      • Includes 4 each [S] and [L] red, memory-free cables: 8" (20cm)(x2), 14" (35cm), and 22" (55cm) to make 16" (40cm) and longer circulars
      • Cables have a tightening/lifeline hole to ensure smooth transitions and secure connections
      • All tips, cables and accessories come in a zippered, book-style case with two double-rows of inside pockets (29 total!) and one zippered outside pocket. Dims: 6" (15cm) x 8" (20cm)
      • Each tip is laser imprinted with the US/metric diameter size. All parts/pieces are coded [S] or [L] for easy identification and use. Similarly coded SPIN and TWIST tips, cables and accessories are...
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      The ChiaoGoo Big Stainless Steel Interchangeable Twist Set of Knitting needles comes with 13 pair of needle tips(4 inches each), cables of three different lengths (8 inches, 14 inches, and 22 inches), coded cable connectors, needle gauge, stitch markers, end stoppers, and tightening keys designed with a T-shape. Among all other brands, Chiaogoo items are popular choice for lace knitters.

      What We Like
      • The three cable lengths can be used to make circular of three different lengths (16-inch, 22-inch, and 30-inch circulars) which are suitable for magic loops.
      • The ChiaoGoo twist red cables of the needles are memory-free.
      • The coded cable connectors are easy to read.
      • Each needle is designed with a lifeline that makes it easier to add a lifeline when knitting across the row.
      • The RED lace needles are built using stainless steel material, which guarantees their good quality and durability.
      • The steel knitting needles come enclosed in a classic black and white case that has a red ribbon. This 6″ by 8″ case also features one zippered pocket on the outside and 29 inner pockets for storing the tips.
      What We Don’t Like
      • The RED lace cables are tough and sturdy, making them a little too stiff for a magic loop.
      • When the ChiaGoo Twist rubs against the metal, it produces a ‘zing’ sound, which may be quite irritating for some knitters.

      8. Needlemaster 40-Piece Interchangeable Aluminum Knitting Set

      Needlemaster 40-Piece Interchangeable Aluminum Knitting Set
      • Includes (40) pieces
      • Includes needles sizes 2-15.
      • Craft a wide variety of projects using this our handy metal knitting needle set!
      • Set features circular and flexible straight needles sizes 2-15 and cable to make 20", 24", 29", 36" and custom lengths.
      • Set comes with a handy travel case for on-the-go crafting
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      02/19/2024 10:37 am GMT

      The Needlemaster knitting needle kit comes with 40 pieces of needles and have sizes ranging from 2 inches to 15 inches. Also, the knitting set includes cables that can make 20″, 24″, 29″ and 36″, as well as other custom lengths.

      What We Like
      • The different sizes of needles allow knitters to create a wide variety of projects.
      • The knitting needle kits come with a convenient travel case. Knitters can, therefore, use the needles even while on-the-go.
      • Needlemaster needles are made using sturdy, lightweight aluminum material. The aluminum material not only makes the needles last longer, but it also makes them very lightweight such that knitters can use them for extended periods.
      • The knitting needles set is versatile and convenient, such that absolute beginners and experienced knitters can comfortably use the needles.
      • The flexible cables and interchangeable points are easy to use and intermediate knitters. More so, they allow users to switch between circular needles and straight needles easily.
      What We Don’t Like
      • The cables are a little too stiff, which causes the transition of the cable to the cord connectors quite rough. Rough connectors, in turn, prevent the yarn from sliding smoothly over them.

      9. HiyaHiya 4 inch (10cm)- Needle Size Sharp Steel Knitting Needle Set

      HiyaHiya Interchangeable 4 inch (10cm) Sharp Steel Knitting Needle Set Small Tip Sizes (US 2-8) HISSTINKIT4SM
      • Small Tip Needle Set includes 7 sets of tips in sizes from US 2 (2.75mm) -US 8 (5mm); tips are approximately 4" long.
      • HiyaHiya Sharp Steel Interchangeable Needles feature key less screw on connections and swivel cables.
      • Each set also includes cables (16", 24", 32", and 40") and a set of needle grips.
      • Brocade case measures approximately 7" x 7" inches when closed; case has 2 zipper pockets and 2 rows of pockets for your needle tips.
      • Color of case may vary.
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      The Hiya Hiya Knitting Needles with case includes cables of four different sizes (16-inch, 24-inch, 32-inch, and 40-inch), a set of needle grips, and seven sets of tips with a length of 4 inches. The interchangeable sharp steel needles are available in US sizes between 2 inches (2.75mm) and 8 inches (5mm).

      What We Like
      • The needle sets are usually packaged in a beautiful 7″ × 7″ case. This case has two rows of pockets for putting the needle tips and two zipper pockets.
      • The case also comes in a variety of colors to fit the taste and preferences of each knitter.
      • The screw on the swivel cables and connections is key-less.
      • The needles are made using stainless steel material. Therefore, they are rust-resistant and remain durable for a very long time.
      What We Don’t Like
      • As their name suggests, the HiyaHiya Sharp Steel Knitting needles are so sharp that beginners and new knitters might find it quite challenging working with them.

      10. Love2Knit Interchangeable Needle Sets

      Love2Knit Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set, US5-9 (Pastel)
      • Interchangeable knitting needles by Denise Interchangeable Knitting and Crochet - compatible with any Denise set
      • Includes 5 knitting needle sizes: US5 / 3.75 mm, 6 / 4 mm, 7 / 4.5 mm, 8 / 5 mm, and 9 / 5.5 mm
      • Includes 3 cords to make 20, 24 and 32 inch circulars - or join cords together with the enclosed extender piece
      • Case includes a back pocket to store accessories and notions.
      • Made in the USA and guaranteed with normal stitching use.
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      02/19/2024 09:59 am GMT

      The Love2Knit knitting set is made by Denise Interchangeable Knitting and Crochet. The set includes three separate cords for making 20, 24, and 32-inch circulars, five pairs of quality needle tips, one extender for storing stitches or making cord-to-cord connections, and two end buttons for making stitch holders and straight needles.

      What We Like
      • The needles are designed to allow knitters to create more than 50 straight and circular needle combinations, all with just one little set!
      • The needle set comes in a handy vinyl case, making it possible for knitters to carry the needles and use them while on the move.
      • The case is also designed with a back pocket. The pocket provides additional storage for notions and other knitting accessories.
      • The knitting needles are compatible with all Denise sets.
      • The cables included in the set are very durable. More so, they stay firmly in the needles.
      • The plastic needle tips are very flexible and do not bend.
      What We Don’t Like
      • The connection may at times become loose, causing the yarn to get stuck between the cables.

      Interchangeable Knitting Needles Buying Guide

      As mentioned above, buying an interchangeable knitting needle set is like investing. Therefore, before you can settle on which needle sets to buy, you need to make careful consideration of the following key attributes:

      1.) Needle Material

      Needles can be made using bamboo, plastic, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Choose the needle material that you feel most comfortable working with or that suits most of your knitting yarns and projects.

      2.) Type of Knitting Projects

      When buying interchangeable needle sets, you also need to consider what type of projects you mostly do. If you regularly create projects that lie within hat and blanket projects, the larger-sized interchangeable needles would be ideal for you.

      However, if you are a sock or lace knitter, go for those smaller-sized interchangeable needles.

      3.) Short or Long Needle Tips/Range of Size

      Needles with long tips, typically 5 to 5.5 inches, have an advantage in that they do not cause the hands to cramp and are much easier to hand on. On the other hand, the knitting needles with short tips, typically 3.5 to 4 inches, make smaller circles. Therefore, they are perfect for knitting sleeves and socks.

      How to Choose an Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set?

      Choose An Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

      Like with other types of knitting needles, key features such as the price per needle, the tip profile, needle material, finishing, and warranty are essential factors you should consider when choosing your interchangeable knitting needle set.

      However, regardless of all the characteristics that you consider in your needle sets, there are three crucial variables that you should never forget to look out for. These are:

      • The versatility of the interchangeable knitting needle set – The best interchangeable knitting needle sets are those whose needles are compatible with each other. Needle manufacturers always pay attention at this point and they don’t mix different materials in the same needle.
      • The breadth of the sizes in the set – The breadth refers to the diameter of the widest/thickest part of the needle tip. Always choose the needle sets with diameters that fit the projects you intend to knit.
      • The quality of the cables and the join – The join is where the needles meet the cables. When buying your needle sets, inspect the joins and ensure that they are very smooth and the yarn slides easily over them without catching them.

      Which Types of Knitting Needles are Best?

      When you go out shopping for knitting needles, you will come across needle sets of different designs, sizes, materials, lengths, shapes, and styles. With all this variety of knitting needles, how can you tell which knitting needles are best for you?

      First, you need to realize that some knitting needles are ideal for beginners, while others are ideal for experienced knitters. The most recommended needles for beginners, as well as children, are the straight knitting needles. In turn, intermediate and advanced knitters are encouraged to use circular or interchangeable knitting needles.

      Beginners in knitting usually lack the muscle memory and skill that advanced knitters have. More so, most beginners have trouble remembering how each hand works, which leads to dropping needles most of the time. Straight needles are usually designed with anti-slip coatings that prevent dropped needles, making them ideal for beginners.

      On the other hand, circular needles and interchangeable knitting needles are more versatile and usually have a slick texture. Their versatility and slick texture are what make them ideal for experienced knitters. Since the knitters have enough experience, their stitches do not slide off the polished needle tips, and they knit at a faster pace.

      How to Use Interchangeable Knitting  Needles?

      How To Use Interchangeable Knitting Needles

      To use interchangeable knitting needles, you first need to put them together. As long as you have all the needle pieces, putting them together only takes a few twists. All you need to do is twist the needles into each cable, and your interchangeable knitting needles will be ready for knitting!

      It is also essential to remember that knitting needles tend to get loose from time to them. The repetitive motion of knitting usually causes Their getting loose. As you keep knitting, the needle tips gradually unscrew and become loose from the cable. Therefore, to prevent your interchangeable needles from becoming loose very fast, make sure you twist them more tightly to the cable.

      Most interchangeable needle sets come with a T-pin, known as a key. You can use this key to tighten the connections between the cable and the needle. When you have put your interchangeable needles together and ensured they are firmly connected, you can start using your needles to knit.

      Are Metal or Wooden Knitting Needles  Better?

      Metal Or Wooden Knitting Needles

      Knitting needles are built using different materials. The most common needle materials you will find in the market today are wooden needles and metal needles. The question on which of the two materials is better comes down to personal preference and which material feels more comfortable in your hand.

      However, before you choose which material suits your preference, there are a few guidelines you need to know about metal and wooden needles:

      A. Metal Needles

      Most metal needles are made using aluminum material, but others can be crafted out of nickel or brass. These types of knitting needles are more durable than plastic and wooden needles. More so, metal needles offer faster knitting speeds than their counterparts. They are ideal for projects that use yarns that tend to snag.

      B. Wooden Needles

      Wooden needles are considered the standard needles in the knitting field. The best wooden needles are made of bamboo wood, but other needles are crafted out of hardwood. Wooden needles offer knitters a softness and warmth that metal needles lack. However, they offer just average knitting speeds.


      Are you a creative, adventurous knitter? Or do you like knitting different projects of different weights? Well, interchangeable knitting needles are the perfect solution for you. We already discussed all the important questions you might want to know. Get yourself one or even two sets of the ten Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles discussed above and brace yourself to enjoy the best knitting experience!



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