10 Best Knitting Bags & Organizers

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Teamoy Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with...
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Luxja Knitting Bag, Yarn Bag with Cover and...
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Floral Needle Bag Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote...
Teamoy Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with...
Luxja Knitting Bag, Yarn Bag with Cover and...
Floral Needle Bag Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote...
Best Choice
Teamoy Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with...
Teamoy Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with...
Editor's Choice
Luxja Knitting Bag, Yarn Bag with Cover and...
Luxja Knitting Bag, Yarn Bag with Cover and...
Best Overall
Floral Needle Bag Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote...
Floral Needle Bag Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote...

Knitting is not a seasonal activity as most people presume. Rather, it is an all-year round hobby. More so, it is a fun activity that keeps us busy when we are traveling or are far away from home.

However, knitting activities usually require the use of many tools. For instance, to finish a project, you will require handy knitting needles, yarn, knitting patterns, cutters, among many other tools. Carrying all these tools may prove to be challenging, especially when knitting while on the go. This is where knitting project bags come into play.

A knitting bag is a bag used to store all your knitting tools. The bag not only ensures that you always have your knitting essentials close by but also stores them safely such that they don’t get lost or damaged easily. This article discusses the best knitting bags and organizers that you should buy and every basic thing that you need to know about these. Read on.


What is the Best Knitting Project Bag?

The most recommended knitting project bags are those that are large-sized and lack any zippers. Such knitting bags are large enough to accommodate all your knitting tools, including yarns, needles, patterns, and other accessories. Also, since they lack any zippers, the yarns do not get caught or tangled by the zipper teeth.

 Knitting project bags that feature woven interiors and pockets are also ideal for all craft lovers. These bags ensure that all the items stored in the bag are kept safe and secure. The best knitting kit bags are also functional and offer enough room for expansion.

Top Knitting Bag ComparisionTable & Review

Product Name Material/ Fabrication Product Dimensions Item Weight Price
Teamoy Knitting Bag Nylon & PVC 15 x 9.8 x 11 inches 1.91 pounds Buy On Amazon
BeCraftee Yarn Bag Cotton/Linen 10.3 x 10.3 x 11.8 inches 13.4 ounces Buy On Amazon
NICOGENA Travel Knitting Bag Canvas 15.04 x 9.88 x 4.96 inches 1.34 pounds Buy On Amazon
KOKNIT Yarn Storage Bag Canvas/Polyester 12.17 x 11.22 x 2.01 inches 10.5 ounces Buy On Amazon
Luxja Knitting Bag Cotton/Linen 11.5 x 9.5 x 15 inches 1.1 pounds Buy On Amazon
Hoshin Knitting Bag Canvas/PVC 17.2 x 13.03 x 3.62 inches 2.07 pounds Buy On Amazon
SumDirect Knitting Bag Canvas/PVC/Polyester 11.61 x 11.46 x 2.01 inches 11.3 ounces Buy On Amazon
Floral Quilted Cotton Needle Bag Cotton/Polyester 15.5 x 6 x 12 inches 9.1 ounces Buy On Amazon
Knitting Organizer By Besti Polyester/PVC 15.51 x 10.91 x 1.42 inches 1.23 pounds Buy On Amazon
Looen Luxurious Knitting Bag Canvas/Polyester/ PVC 15.67 x 14.88 x 3.82 inches 1.87 pounds Buy On Amazon

The following are ten of the best knitting bags and organizers that can guarantee to meet all your project needs:

1. Teamoy Knitting Bag

Teamoy Knitting Bag, Yarn Tote Organizer with...
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR WITH DIVIDER: Patent pending. 6 interior compartments with matching holes on the top are great to keep skeins of yarn separated and prevent tearing, tangling or fraying. The inside...
  • CLEAR TOP: The flexible and clear PVC cover allows you to easily see what’s inside without opening. The 6 small holes for different colors of yarn to feed through. 3 sets of magic tapes keep yarn in...
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Crafted from strong nylon material with clear PVC top, lightweight and durable. The top two-way zipper and Magnet snap design keeps your knitting supplies and projects away from...
  • SMART DESIGN: Half-open design on the top allows you to put your unfinished projects into the bag without cutting away the yarn. Front pouches and elastic loops for crochet hooks and accessories. Side...
  • EASY TO CARRY: The handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap give you the option to carry it by hand or on the arm. Wear it over the shoulder or across the body like a messenger. A must-have gift...

The Teamoy knitting bag is made using strong nylon material. This nylon material is not only highly durable, but also very lightweight such that users can comfortably carry the knitting bag anywhere. Also, the clear PVC top allows users to see inside the bag without having to open it.

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The bag features 6 separate interior compartments. Users can, therefore, store their skeins of yarn separately. In turn, this prevents any tearing, fraying, and tangling which usually occurs when hanks of yarn are kept together. It is also designed with three sets of magic tapes that keep your yarns in place.

  • The bag is easy to carry.
  • The shoulder straps can be easily adjusted, making it possible to carry the bag on arm or hand.
  • The magnetic snap design allows users to carry unfinished projects without cutting the yarn.
  • It offers enough room for carrying skeins of yarn.
  • The Teamoy knitting bag is quite squishable and trends to droop down.

2. BeCraftee Yarn Bag

BeCraftee XL Crochet Bag - Large Craft Organizer...
  • PORTABLE - Our crocheting & knitting bag can be your constant companion. The yarn bag is designed with a helpful handle and detachable shoulder strap, so you'll be free to knit wherever you sit.
  • CONVENIENT CRAFT BAG - If you're fed up with searching for errant needles and chasing unspooled threads, this yarn holder has 7 pockets to neatly hold all your knitting & crochet supplies in one...
  • SPACIOUS INTERIOR - Each 10.3" D x 11.8" H yarn organizer can store up to 10 skeins of wool, making it the perfect solution for knitters and crocheters working on multiple projects at once.
  • TANGLE FREE - The 4 handy slits at the top of this yarn storage organizer allow you to seamlessly feed wool out at the perfect tension, without any snags or tangles.
  • CROCHET GIFTS - Great choice for Mother's Day gifts for Mom! When the season of gift giving looms large, treat yourself or surprise a crafty creative with one of these crochet bags. They make great...

The BeCraftee yarn bag is crafted from superior quality linen. It is designed with a detachable shoulder strap and strong handles that make it easy to carry. Also, the knitting accessories bag is lined with double-stitched cotton material. The cotton material keeps the knitting bag in shape, ensuring that it does not slump when tools are kept inside.

 The BeCraftee yarn bag also provides large storage space for knitting tools. It can accommodate up to 10 skeins of knitting yarn. In addition, the bag is designed with 5 pockets on the outside and 2 on the inside. These pockets provide extra storage for crochet hooks, needles, and other knitting accessories. The bag is an ideal gift for knit or crochet lovers.

  • It allows for multiple skeins of wool and yarn to be used.
  • Larger and bulkier projects can be easily carried in the yarn bag.
  • It prevents yarns from tangling.
  • The yarn bag is very sturdy and highly durable.
  • The BeCraftee yarn bag tends to collapse on its own and lose structure, even when skeins of yarn are added.

3. NICOGENA Travel Knitting Bag

NICOGENA Travel Knitting Bag, Large Capacity...
  • LOTS OF STORAGE: Roomy enough for loads of yarn balls, Plenty of space for you to store everything you need for a large ongoing project! 8 interior compartments prevent items from being tangled...
  • 4 OVERSIZED GROMMETS: With 4 oversized grommets, you can easily thread yarns through and effectively prevents yarn threads from tangling
  • PLENTY OF POCKETS FOR ACCESSORIES: Mutiple pockets outside for your flexible use. One large to store half-done project and other accessories, and several small to store crochet hooks, knitting...
  • BONUS MINI YARNS DRUM: This knitting tote bag comes with an extra mini yarn drum( 5 x 5 inches) with a handle. It will provide you an extra space to store more yarns balls
  • DIMENSION: Measures 16.5x8.5x14.5 inches. It can store 30 balls of 7oz skeins of yarns. Its large capacity can support multiple users

One of the most outstanding features of the NICOGENA Travel knitting bag are the four oversized grommets. These grommets make threading of yarns much easier. They also prevent any tangling of thread yarns.

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The NICOGENA Travel knitting storage bags accommodate up to 30 balls of yarn. They can also support bulky yarns of up to 7oz. The plenty of space provided by this fun knitting tote bag makes it possible for crafters to carry out large ongoing knitting projects.

  • The yarn tote bag is lightweight and portable.
  • Yarn balls are kept in separate pouches, preventing tangling.
  • The zippered pockets ensure that knitting tools are securely fastened.
  • It comes with stitch markers.
  • Extra pockets don’t have zipper closure.

4. KOKNIT Yarn Storage Bag

KOKNIT Yarn Storage Bag, Knitting & Crochet...
  • 【LARGE VOLUME PACK EVERYTHING YOU NEED】The knitting storage bag is large enough.32cm/12.6"diameter X 27cm/10.6"high. The internal space can store 5-10 coils, and other pockets can be equipped with...
  • 【DON'T WORRY ABOUT TANGLING YARN AND PETS】Crochet organizer tote has 4 holes on top to prevent wool from tangling and allows yarn to be pulled at perfect tension.Holes are stiff enough so yarn...
  • 【EASY TO CARRY AND USE】Lightweight and portable design. The knitting tote case is easy to carry with the handle and removble shouler strap.Enjoy the freedom and convenience of taking your knitting...
  • 【MUST HAVE】This knitting project bag is lightweight, trendy and multi-functional, perfect for travel. Ideal gifts for experienced crocheters, knitting enthusiasts or a new knitter
  • 【12 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】In case any broken problem happens, all customers enjoy 12 month money back guarantee.You can return and get refunded with no reason.You have no risk to try and we...

The KOKNIT Yarn storage bag is designed with a trendy, lightweight design. The internal storage space can store from 5 to 10 rolls of different weights and sizes yarn. Also, the craft project bag features external pockets where scissors, crochet supplies, and knitting tools can be safely kept. 

The top of the KOKNIT Yarn tote bag is designed with four holes. These holes prevent wool and yarn from tangling. The 4 holes also allow for hanks of yarn to be pulled at the right tension. To ensure easier access of yarn and a clutter-free knitting experience, the knitting bag is also designed with 2 slid knits.

  • It is made of high-quality, durable material.
  • The cover ensures that projects are protected from rain, dust, and pet’s fur.
  • Hanks of yarn and wool can be stored safely without tangling.
  • It offers a perfect tension for yarn.
  • Some linings used to make these bags for knitting supplies are not highly durable.

5. Luxja Knitting Bag

Luxja Knitting Bag, Yarn Bag with Cover and...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: This knitting bag has an inside compartment for putting unfinished project and 4 small compartments for skeins. 6 grommets on top (4 small & 2 large) where you can thread yarn through....
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: 1 large transparent pocket for putting knitting or crocheting accessories, several slots of different sizes for storing knitting needles (up to 14"), 1 side pockets with compartments...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The top cloth cover keeps your projects & yarn away from dust and protect personal privacy. The lower clear PVC cover allows you to easily see what inside.
  • EASY TO CARRY: 15" x 9.5" x 12" (L x W x H). The handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap make this yarn tote portable.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of heavy-duty nylon, more durable and scratch-resistant. A great gift for anyone that loves crocheting or knitting.

The unique design of the Luxja Knitting bag features a cloth cover with an upper and a lower side. The top cover protects the yarns and projects from dust. The lower side of the cover is made using clear PVC and allows crafters to easily see inside the bag without having to open it.

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 Luxja Knitting bag can accommodate a wide range of projects, both finished and unfinished. If you are looking a knitting needle organizer, this bag is perfect for you, it features 4 small compartments for storing skeins of yarn and needle. Also, the top of the knitting bag is designed with 6 grommets which make threading of yarn much easier.

  • The Luxja Knitting bag is very easy to carry.
  • It keeps yarns and crochet tools well in place when not crafting.
  • It is made of high-quality, scratch-resistant material.
  • The size of the bag is quite bigger for a beginner knitter.

6. Hoshin Knitting Bag

Hoshin Knitting Bag for Yarn Storage, High...
  • ✔LARGE CAPACITY ORGANIZER - This knitting bag has an inside compartment for putting unfinished project and 6 small compartments for skeins. 6 grommets on top where you can thread yarn through. 3...
  • ✔KEEP YOUR CROCHET TOOLS IN ONE PLACE - Front large zipper pocket with elastic loops for putting knitting or crocheting accessories, 2 side and back pouches to store ultimate guide, knitting...
  • ✔GREAT KNITTING/CROCHETING GO-TO BAG - The flexible and clear PVC cover allows you to easily see what inside without opening the bag. Half-open design on the top allows you to put your unfinished...
  • ✔DURABLE MATERIAL - Yarn organizer crafted from strong denim on the outside, PVC top, nylon lining and lined with cotton. It is lightweight, durable and multi-functional, ideal for crocheting-...
  • ✔EASY TO CARRY: The handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap give you option to carry it by hand or on the arm, wear it over the shoulder or across the body like a messenger. A must-have gift...

The Hoshin knitting bag is one of the most spacious knitting project bags you can find in the market. It offers users 6 small compartments for keeping yarn, 2 pouches on the side and back, as well as a large zipper pocket on the front. The 2 pouches and front zipper pocket provide ample room for storing different knitting and crochet accessories.

These knitting project bags are also designed with 3 pairs of Velcro straps that function to keep the skeins of yarn in place when not working. The removable adjustable shoulder straps allow users to carry the bag either by the hand or on the arm.

  • It offers enough storage for skeins of yarn, wool, and other accessories.
  • Unfinished projects can be kept in the bag.
  • Crafters can easily view what’s inside the knitting bag through the clear PVC top.
  • The knitting bag is quite expensive.

7. SumDirect Knitting Bag

SumDirect Knitting Bag, Yarn Organizer Tote Bag...
  • ★Easy to carry★ The handle or detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry.Convenient for you to carry around or fold and stash in your travel bag. A great gift for anyone that loves...
  • ★Large Capacity★ With a diameter of 11inch and height of 13inch, spacious enough to carry your thread wool yarn, unfinished project and knitting supplies. 4 eyelet holes on top is great to keep...
  • ★Crochet Wherever You Go★ Hangs comfortably from your wrist / forearm to free your hands, whether you're heading to crocheting night or crocheting while you watch TV, this yarn storage bag is...
  • ★Multi-Purpose★ Stylish look, lots of spaces for different colors of yarns, unfinished projects, ultimate guide, knitting needles, crochet hooks, wallet, phone and more.
  • ★ Package include ★ With a diameter of 11inch and height of 13inch A lightweight knitting bag. Note: We just sell the yarn bag, yarn and other accessaries are not included in the parcel.

The SumDirect Knitting bag can be folded, stashed in a travel bag and carried easily for knitting while on the go. Therefore, if you love taking your project with you on car trips or while traveling, then this is the ideal knitting bag for you.

This knitting bag is designed with 4 eyelet holes on the top. These holes not only keep balls of yarn separated, but they also ensure that yarns do not tear, tangle or fray.

  • The sturdy handles and shoulder straps can be easily detached.
  • It has a stylish look.
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • The zipper keeps the accessories safe and secure in the bag.
  • The collapsible design of the SumDirect Knitting bag makes it a little unsteady.

8. Floral Quilted Cotton Needle Bag

Floral Needle Bag Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote...
  • Measures Approx: 15.5" (L) X 6" (W) X 12" (H)
  • 6 Pocket
  • Velcro Flap
  • Very Light
  • Material

The Floral Quilted needle bag is crafted using highly durable cotton material. It features spacious exterior pockets which can be used for safe keeping of knitting and crocheting accessories. The cotton needle bag is also designed with Velcro straps which help to keep the contents of the bag safe inside.

  • It has a cute and beautiful design.
  • It can safely hold unfinished projects.
  • The bag is available in a wide variety of colors.
  • The Velcro strap on the side tends to catch and tangle projects.
  • The quilting on the handles comes out easily.

9. Knitting Organizer By Besti

Knitting Organizer By Besti: Portable Knitting...
  • A KNITTING TOTE BAG THAT FITS EVERYTHING: Do you enjoy knitting and crocheting? Then you probably have a huge collection of colorful threads, needles and crockets. Don’t worry, because the Besti...
  • KEEP YOUR KNITTING ACCESSORIES ORGANIZED: The high capacity knitting tote bag has multiple individual compartments and external pockets so that you can keep your knitting tools organized and within...
  • NO MORE TANGLED THREADS AND YARNS: Don’t You hate it when your knitting yarns get tangled and you can’t find their end? Thanks to beveled grommets on the top side of the knitting organizer, your...
  • MADE WITH DURABLE CLEAR PLASTIC: The biggest part of the knitting bag is made with heavy duty clear plastic, while the rest of it is made with durable polyester. The two materials are connected with...
  • CARRY THE BAG AROUND EFFORTLESSLY: Do you have a knitting class? Maybe you just enjoy knitting outdoors. In both cases, you can easily carry the knitting organizing bag with you, thanks to the...

The knitting organized by Besti is not just any other yarn tote bag; it is a practical, highly durable tote bag. The knitting bag is crafted using heavy-duty clear plastic and highly durable polyester material.  It offers loads of pockets and many individual compartments where skeins of yarn and other crochet accessories can be kept.

  • Besti knitting organizer keeps knitting tools and accessories organized and within easier reach.
  • The knitting organizer prevents threads and yarns from tangling.
  • The strong detachable shoulder straps make it possible to carry portable projects effortlessly.
  • The comfy carry straps are not as comfortable as expected.

10. Looen Luxurious Knitting Bag

Looen Yarn Knitting Storage Tote-Large Capacity...
  • ❤Multifunctional Luxurious Yarn Storage Bag.Looen yarn bag can store bulk yarn,big crochet project(eg:blanket sweater scarves and so on),sewing accessories kit tool.It can also be used to store...
  • ❤LARGE CAPACITY/KEEP ALL YOU NEED.the knitting storage bag large size is 14.96"/38cm x 9.84"/25cm x 10.23"/26cm ,it is large enough for big project or bulk yarns.The internal space can store 36-40...
  • ❤NO MORE TANGLED YARN OR PETS IN YOUR PROJECT - Yarn organizer tote has 3 holes on top to prevent wool from tangling and allows yarn to be pulled at perfect tension. Holes are stiff enough so yarn...
  • ❤EASY TO CARRY.Lightweight and portable design.The handle and removable adjustable shoulder strap give you option to carry it by hand or on the arm, wear it over the shoulder or across the body like...
  • ❤TRANSPARENT FLAP: The flexible and clear PVC flap allows you to easily see what inside, with a pouch long enough for 14"knitting needles. 3 small and 1 large reinforced grommets intended for yarn...

The Looen Luxurious knitting bag can accommodate from 36 to 40 coils. It is also designed with external pockets in which scissors, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and other supplies can be stored. The knitting bag also features a transparent PVC flap which makes it possible to view inside of the bag.

  • It has a lightweight, portable design.
  • Yarns of different sizes and weights can be easily fed through.
  • It has 3 holes on top which prevent yarns from tangling.
  • Bulky yarns and larger crochet projects can be stored in the knitting bag.
  • The plastic liner of the tote bag may begin cracking after continuous use.

Knitting Bag Buying Guide 

Choosing among all the knitting bag options offered by shops is not a very difficult process. All you need to do is look for the most recommended key traits of an ideal knitting kit bag. The following are the main key features you should consider when buying knitting project bags:

1.) Size

The best knitting project bags for knitters should not only meet the needs of each project but also have the ability to expand in the future. However, this doesn’t mean that you go for any big knitting bag you find in the market. Rather, always choose a large-enough bag that can easily carry portable projects.

2.) Woven Interiors

Bags with woven interior linings are the best knitting bags. Contrary to open mesh designs which result to the loss of valuable tools and supplies, woven interiors provide some degree of protection and ensure the safety of your accessories, even when traveling.

3.) Pocket Space

The more the pocket space provided, the better the knitting bag. Therefore, you should consider additional pockets when choosing your ideal knitting bag, such as accessory pockets and knitting needle organisers.


What Yarn is Best for Bags?

Cotton is the most recommended yarn for knitting and crochet bags. It not only provides sufficient durability, but is also very elastic, such that it accommodates future needs without requiring users to buy a new one. Also, unlike other materials, cotton does not sag too much.

What’s the Best Yarn to Knit with?

The best three types of yarn to knit with are wool, acrylic, and cotton. The resilience characteristic of wool makes it an ideal material to knit with, while cotton is recommended for its inelasticity. Acrylic yarn is the best choice for beginners in knitting.

How Do You Use a Knitting Bag?

The main purpose of a knitting bag is to provide a safe storage for your knitting and crafting accessories. However, before you can start putting tools into your bag, first take everything out and lay them on the floor or on a table. Then, clean every part of the knitting bag, especially the pockets and compartments bags.

Next, sort your supplies and organize them into categories. Do away with unnecessary things. You can now start keeping your tools, each at its correct storage compartment.

How Do You Make a Yarn Bag?

How Do You Make A Yarn Bag

To make a yarn bag, you need the following materials:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Crocheting needle

Step 1

Make a slip stitch. Then to start with the first row, make 30 chains. For a bigger bag, you can make more chains, or for a smaller bag, make lesser chains. Then, wrap your hook around the yarn and pull it through the loop.

Step 2

Work in circles. Join the beginning and end of the chain such that you make a circle.

Step 3

Begin crocheting. You can make single crochets or double crochets. Keep crocheting until you have attained the desired height of your knitting bag. Using a paper clip, mark where each row ends. Then start working on the bottom of the bag. When you’re done crocheting the bottom, make a knot and tighten it. Finally, hide the ends inside the knitting bags.

How Do You Make a Knitting Bag?

How Do You Make A Knitting Bag

To make a yarn storage knitting bag, you will require cotton fabric, thread, and fabric clips. The process is similar to that of making yarn bags. However, it is recommended that you get an already-manufactured knitting bag from a well-known brand.


Indeed, if you love knitting in style, then a knitting bag is a must-have essential. With a knitting bag, you will be able to engage in your favorite hobby at your favorite knitting spot. So get yourself one of the ten best knitting bags above and give your tools the proper storage they deserve!


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