Best Knitting Machine Buying Guide in 2022

Many people, especially women, have maintained the habit of knitting for many years, and it becomes an art when you learn it. These ladies can make different clothes, accessories, and even cuddly toys. Traditionally, knitting is done with two or more needles, but nowadays, knitters have automated tools and machines that make this activity much more comfortable. These new knitting machines create flat or tubular knitted fabrics that vary according to their complexity. Some of those work manually, while others are fully electronic, and pattern readings on other fabrics are regulated.

For your knowledge, we bring you this guide with the best knitting machines reviewed and updated. Besides, these are the latest technology in the market, giving you the benefit of having it within your reach. No matter if you are a beginner doing your first stitches or an advanced machine knitter, you will indeed find the knitting machine that suits your needs.

Best Knitting Machines


Best Circular Knitting Machine Reviews under $300

A reasonable and quality home-use tabletop knitting machine price ranges from $20 – $300. We have presented the three best circular knitting machines(SL no 1 to 4) for you. Without saying a lot, let’s have a look.

1. Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine, Black, 890-2
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02/18/2024 03:29 pm GMT

Let’s start with those knitting machines we can buy for less than $300. Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine has the best German technology and is therefore classified as one of the best home knitting machines on the market.

The King Size presentation is an excellent sensation for many because of its size and knitting capacity. This machine is designed to knit large garments such as scarves or hats. What allows Addi to knit this type of garment is its 46 needles, which operate in conjunction with an electric row counter that guarantees your project’s best precision.

The Addi knitting machine comes with clamps and four legs for assembly, which gives it firmness and solidity when maintaining a fixed and safe position, avoiding that it wobbles, and forming twisted fabrics. Besides, it is effortless to use in comparison with other machines.


This machine doesn’t have a lot of details. The first thing that catches your eye is its size. It can weave garments up to 15 inches in diameter in circular knitting and 18 inches in flat knitting. It can knit scarves, sweaters, sweaters, hats, and more. You can do almost all the basic knitting work with this fine gauge knitting machine.

The Addi includes in its complete kit 46 needles, five extra spare needles, a needle holder, one drop needle, 4 feet of base, an electronic row counter, and a pair of hooks for table or workplace mounting screws.

  • Ability to knit a wide garments variety.
  • Digital row counter for more precise knitting.
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Fast, precise, and easy to make fabrics.
  • Ability to weave garments of various sizes.
  • Simple design with the highest German engineering standards.
  • The learning curve is short.
  • The price may be high, but it does not exceed $300.
  • The mechanical counter may not be as accurate at times.

2. Addi Express King Size Extended Starter Kit New Version

German technology is always looking for ways to go further, and that is why they developed an improved model of the Addi King Size knitting machine, which we talked about earlier. This is the Addi King Size Extended Edition which includes new features and more tools that optimize the fabric exponentially. This kit complements one of the best beginner knitting machines and everything you can get below 300 dollars.

Among the main features is the new mechanical row counter. It is necessary to remember that the previous one is electronic, and therefore, this has been improved and converted into a mechanical one that guarantees more precise results. For your first project, the new extended version of the Addi Express includes a book on how to make a summer scarf and includes the materials to make it.


The Addi knitting machine, as such, has almost the same details as the one mentioned above. It has 46 knitting needles, but unlike the previous one, the row counter is mechanical, which guarantees better results with greater precision. However, this extended version also includes five spare needles, a threading tool, two stoppers, 4 feet, two clamps, a thread, the book for knitting your first summer scarf, and another book that includes more than 50 patterns for making different garments.

  • The mechanical row counter guarantees better results for each fabric.
  • You can knit a wide variety of different sized garments on the same machine.
  • Includes various tools and support material for better fabrics.
  • The learning curve may limit it, but it does not prevent the knitting of larger garments.
  • The entire kit costs pricy, although it’s not as much for everything that’s included and everything that can be done with it.

3. Addi Express Professional Knitting Machine Extended Edition

The new version of the Addi Express Professional comes with an improved Row Counter that allows you to control your fabrics better to make a flawless work of art. Combined with the 22 needles that this circular knitting machine contains, they make your knitting processes much faster and more precise.

However, this new version not only has an improved counter but also includes a pattern book with which you can guide yourself to do new projects, hooks, five spare needles, one threading tool, two stops, four legs for better support, and two clamps.


To be exact, the pattern book contains 16 patterns with detailed instructions to make it as simple as possible, even for inexperienced weavers. Furthermore, with the hooks’ help and the tool for threading the yarn, everything becomes much more comfortable. With the Addi Express professional, you can knit in a circular or flat pattern, knitting garments up to 6 inches in diameter or 8 inches wide. You can enjoy making scarves, gloves, hats, patchwork vests, etc. If you are looking to buy yarn, check our recommended yarn for addi knitting machine article.

  • New improved row counter for more precise fabrics.
  • Tool kit and pattern book.
  • High-quality fabrics in a short time.
  • It doesn’t allow to knit very big pieces.

4. Addi Express Knitting Machine

addi-Express Professional Knitting Machine
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02/18/2024 03:54 pm GMT

Now we’ll introduce you another good quality knitting machine to buy for $150 or less, and to get you started; we bring you the Addi Express Knitting Machine. This machine has the design and high quality of the German brand. It is also the predecessor of the Addi King Size, which we mentioned earlier.

Unlike the King Size, this knitting machine only has 22 needles, but that does not make it one of the fastest, only that it does not make such oversized garments, but socks and hats generally. The garments’ sizes that can be made with the Addi Express have an average of 5 inches in diameter for circular fabrics and flat fabrics 7 inches wide.


As mentioned above, this affordable knitting machine has 22 needles that allow for the production of small or medium-sized fast fabrics, such as hats, socks, or baby clothes. Operating this machine is very simple once you get the hang of it. It also has a yarn counter that allows you to be more precise in your projects.

  • Easy to handle.
  • It allows making the fabrics in record time.
  • Ability to use different types of threads.
  • Fairly affordable price.
  • The learning curve can be short at times.

Knitting Machines Reviews under $100

This review presented the best value for money circular knitting machines for you under $100. If you don’t want to pay high for a knitting machine, then below models(SL no 5 to 10) are the perfect choice for you.

5. Sentro Knitting Machine

Another affordable knitting machine you can get for less than 100 dollars is the small but powerful Sentro knitting machine. It has 22 needles that allow you to knit scarves, hats, and even sweaters. The Sentro knitting machine has two knitting modes: flat knitting, which allows you to make sweaters, bags, scarves, etc. And circular knitting, or two-ring gear fabric with which you can make gloves, hats, rag dolls, etc. Also, the Sentro has a tool that allows you to define the fabric’s density in three levels: tight, medium, and loose.


The 22 needles of the machine are contained in a straightforward system to use. It consists of a hand crank that takes care of most of the work, in which you only have to thread the thread in the spindles to knit your garments.

Thanks to its ease of use, this machine is like a toy for the little ones in the house, where they can start knitting their socks, scarves, hats, etc. Either to give them as a present or for themselves.

We cannot ignore another detail that this machine comes with one of the complete kits for knitting. It includes one crochet hook, one hand needle, one wireframe, the instruction guide, two lint ball knitters, and two threads.

  • Easy to use, even for the little ones.
  • Variety of knitwear.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • It can make a lot of noise during knitting.

6. Sentro Smart Knitting Machine 40 Needles –  Best for Hats 

Suppose you have been interested in learning to knit and want to buy a knitting machine that will make your job more comfortable in a fun and educational way. In that case, you can consider buying this model of Sentro branded knitting machine. This one is a perfect piece for making a hat. Its 40 needles allow you to create flat or round stitches in just seconds with the help of the crank. Just thread on the spindles and turn the crank to knit your garments. On this machine, you can knit hats, scarves, socks, and much more. If you want to surprise your children, you can give them a Sentro 40 needle knitting machine so that they can learn to use a knitting machine and have fun knitting their own clothes.


This small machine has 40 needles that allow for knitting a great variety of garments of different sizes. You can knit everything from socks to sweaters. It has two knitting modes: P-gear flat knitting, which can knit garments up to 18 inches wide, such as bags, scarves, pillows, sweaters, etc. And the T gear ring knitting can make circular fabrics, whose diameter can extend up to 10 inches in diameter. With this modality, you can weave gloves, rag dolls, hats, etc.

This hat knitting machine includes in its kit: the knitting machine, crochet, a wireframe, a manual, a screwdriver, two lint ball weavers, two hand needles, four suction cups, and three threads so that you can start making your garments at once.

  • Its use is very simple.
  • Good value for money.
  • Has a row counter for greater accuracy.
  • It doesn’t work well with all types of threads.
  • Always keep the yarn taut to avoid falling or getting lost.

7. Sentro 48-Pin Oversized Hand-Knitted, Double Knitting Machine

Continuing with the Sentro knitting machines, we now present a model very similar to the previous one, but this one has 48 needles, allowing you to manufacture larger garments in a short time. It does not matter if you are a professional or just starting your work as a knitter; with this machine, any project will be effortless to learn and perform. Besides, it is one of the best beginner knitting machines obtained for less than $100. If you want to give your children a gift that allows them to have fun and learn new activities, this could be the ideal gift.


As mentioned, this knitting machine has 48 needles, which allows you to make garments from small sizes, such as socks, gloves, and scarves, to sweaters, bags, and more. This machine can knit garments up to 19 inches in diameter. Besides, this machine comes with a kit that includes a crochet, two handles, a wireframe, four wool threads, an instruction manual, a screwdriver for convenient assembly, four suction cups, four screws, and a non-slip carpet.

  • Good value for money.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Simple and fast assembly.
  • It doesn’t work with all types of threads.

8. AGAWA 48 Needles Round Knitting Machine

Like the knitting machine described above, this Agawa simple knitting machine also has 48 knitting needles. This machine is easy to use, as even children can make knitted items and garments. With the Agawa 48-needle knitting machine, you can knit in two modes: circular and flat. For flat knitting, the garments can be up to 18 inches wide, while for circular knitting, they can be up to 10 inches in diameter. With this small machine, you can make scarves, bags, socks, pillows, sweaters, gloves, etc.


To use the Agawa knitting machine, you only have to thread the yarn on the spindles and turn the crank; the rest is done practically by itself. This machine has the particularity of not skipping stitches between the fabrics, guaranteeing a complete fabric without jumps or falls. The box includes a kit that contains different tools that allow you to make better use of your knitting machine: wireframe, hand needles, crochet needle, wool threads, suction cups, screwdriver, screws, user’s manual, and a non-slip mat.

  • A quite fast knitting capacity.
  • Ideal for children and adults.
  • Good value for money.
  • Allows knitting garments of different sizes.
  • It doesn’t work the same way with different types of threads.

9. Prym Knittingmill Maxi –  Best for Beginners 

Prym Maxi Knitting Mills and Looms, pflaumenblau/taubengrau, 1 Stück, Purple
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02/19/2024 12:48 am GMT

The Prym hand knitting machine is another good model for beginners; with its comfortable design and easy operation, any person, professional knitter or not, can easily and quickly manufacture their garments. Its semi-automatic system can make 44-point knitted tubes for circular fabrics and 40 points for flat fabrics. It also has a guide and a tensioner that keeps the incoming threads always at the ideal tension to create a more uniform and precise fabric. With the Maxi knitting machine, you don’t need to be a professional or have a lot of experience to manufacture your knitted items. Just follow the manual instructions and knit as many different garments as you can; hats, socks, gloves, scarves, etc.


The machine can knit tubes up to 13 inches in diameter in circular fabrics and 17 inches wide in flat fabrics. This small but efficient knitting machine for beginners only weighs 3.60 pounds, so it is recommended to attach it to the job site. It also comes with a kit that includes the crank, mode switch, thread guide, tension piece, and some threads for you to install and start knitting.

  • It works well with most threads.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • It may not include all the accessories.

10. Singer Knitting Machine

Singer Knitting Machine
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If you want your children to learn the art of knitting in a fun way, then you don’t have to look for an expensive knitting machine, you can buy the Singer easy knitting machine, with which you can teach your children to knit in a fun and caring way. With this knitting machine, you can make flat or round stitches in a matter of minutes with the help of the crank. Although it is designed for children, it is better to be with them when they knit, as they may need your help.


This small knitting machine only weighs about 5 pounds and includes in the box two thread skeins, a threaded needle, and a small booklet with instructions for use. It is necessary to mention that the product contains needles that can hurt if care is not taken in their use, so children should always be supervised when using this machine. It can be used for children from 6 years onwards, it is more prudent to leave it for older children, or even teenagers, since handling this type of machine requires patience, which children usually don’t have.

  • Compact and easy to use design.
  • It works better as a child’s toy than as a professional machine.
  • It has a very short lifespan.

Knitting Machine Reviews under $ 50

Looking for something under 50 dollars? We have presented here(SL no 11 to 14) some affordable knitting machines for you. These tiny, lightweight machines are mainly used for mini-knitting projects.

11. Addi Egg – Professional Little Knitting Machine for i-Cords

Addi AddiEgg Egg Spool Knitter, One Size, Red/Gold/Black
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02/18/2024 03:20 pm GMT

The Addi Egg is an i-cord knitting machine. The Addi brand has dedicated itself to developing this model for those weavers who prefer small things with less detail. It has only six needles that allow a knitting width of up to 1/3″, so it is ideal for keyrings and small fabrics that don’t require much detail. With the Addi Egg, you will be able to complete your collection of Addi knitting machines, making any garment or accessory with one of the machines of the Addi family.


The Addi Egg knitting mill is the smallest of all the Addi’s, measuring approximately 4.6 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches, and weighing 6.4 ounces, so care must be taken when knitting on it to avoid jerky movements, yarn jumps, and knots. It also has a kind of plastic chamber that covers the needles, which serves as protection. However, it could also limit the weaver from making modifications or arrangements during the yarn jumping. However, it is the right product worth trying since you can make those little accessories that can be used as a gift or to decorate some garment or clothing.

  • It’s very easy to use.
  • The processes have to be done slowly to avoid jumps or knots.
  • Needles tend to break due to improper use.
  • Can’t knit any thread type.

12. PRYM Knitting Mill

Prym Mini Knitting Mill, Purple
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02/19/2024 12:43 am GMT

The Prym knitting mill is a semi-automatic mill, the smallest in the Prym line with which anyone, professional or not, can knit tubes of different colors in a fun and entertaining way. Insert the threads through the lower and upper thread guides, and they slide on the central axis of the mill with the help of the crank. After that, you only have to be aware of the order of the hook, at least in the first turn, and from then on, you only have to turn the crank. The fabric will come out from under the mill and can be knit to any length you wish.


This small knitting mill only weighs 9.1 ounces, and its design makes it compact, easy to carry around, and does not take up much space. To work with this Prym knitting mill, it is best to use 3 to 3.5 mm firm wool yarn. With this small mill, you can make scarves, bags, handles, mats, sweaters, cushions, and more. You can start with the basics and gradually make more significant pieces to be surprised if something goes wrong. In short, a compact knitting machine with the ability to knit garments of considerable size and a price tag of less than $50.

  • Ability to knit i-cord.
  • Good value for money.
  • It can only weave up to thread number 2.
  • Care must be taken that the fabric falls freely to avoid jumps and knots.

13. Prym Comfort Twist Knitting Mill

Prym Strickmühle Comfort Twist Knitting Mill, One Size, Violett Weiß
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02/19/2024 11:19 am GMT

Prym didn’t settle for just one knitting mill model but opted for another, more comfortable option, the Comfort Twist. With this small knitting machine or knitting mill, anyone can be a cord-knitter of different colors. Just thread the yarn and hit the handle to start. This system is quite ergonomic, and the mill can be fixed to a table for better security and stability during knitting. Also, the Comfort Twist package includes a small weight attached to the fabric to give weight and maintain tension in the fabric. It is effortless to assemble and disassemble once the project is completed. You can also turn the handle in both directions, but you can’t turn it back once you choose one.


This Twist Mill is another good knitting machine, as it is straightforward to use and is quite economical, at least for what it can weave. Among the highlights are its needles, which are suitable for yarn sizes 2 to 4.5 mm. However, this must be fine, as the thick wool could damage the mill. To adjust it on the table, you have to turn the bottom, place it on the edge of the table and adjust it to the necessary pressure to stabilize. If you prefer, you can remove this “cover” and use the mill without it, although for better results, it is recommended to fix it to a table.

  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • It could get out of adjustment during knitting.
  • Needles cannot be replaced.

14. Caron 20293 Embellish-Knit Machine Kit

Caron 20293 Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit
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02/19/2024 12:13 pm GMT

If you want a small knitting machine that allows you to create knit trimmings that serve as details for your items and garments, this Caron knitting machine is what you are looking for. You may be surprised at the knitting capacity of this small machine; although it can only knit i-cords, it does so flawlessly. According to experts, it can weave a cord up to 18 feet in just 10 minutes. However, several factors must be considered to make a cord of this magnitude, more ahead; we will see the details that this machine implies to knit.


The first thing you should know is that the yarn cannot be that heavy, usually better results are obtained with soft yarns, and you should always let the weight of the fabric hang down once you have started knitting. If the thread is tightened, the fabric could break; you must practice and be patient, and don’t force it. Therefore, in addition to reading the instructions for use, it is advisable to watch videos from YouTube to understand better. If you manage to set up your Caron Embellish-Knit correctly, you will surely be able to make i-cords of excellent quality in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can take it wherever you want because it is light and compact. The Caron Embellish-Knit kit comes with upholstery needles, a weight clip, a ball thread to practice, and five patterns to start experimenting.

  • You can knit meters of i-cords in just minutes.
  • It can be adapted to various yarn types.
  • Comfortable, compact and easy to carry everywhere.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • It is necessary to see videos on YouTube for better machine handling.
  • Needles are not strong enough.

Best Knitting Machine for Sweaters

15. Caron the Ultimate Sweater Machine

Caron The Ultimate Sweater Machine
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If you are looking for knitting machines for more specific uses, we present you with one of the best knitting machines for sweaters. This is Caron’s Ultimate Sweater Machine. With this machine, you can knit your sweaters without being an experienced knitter. This machine has a simple design, easy to learn, and has an instruction manual to knit sweaters, skirts, coats, and even clothes for children and babies. You may also notice that different yarn types can be used, so choose what best suits your garment.


The Caron Ultimate Sweater Machine allows you to knit up to 12000 stitches per minute, allowing projects to be done quickly and with the highest possible accuracy. In just one night, you can make a complete sweater with this machine. Besides, it is compatible with hand-knitted patterns, so you can use the machine to make knitted cables, laces, and other fancy stitches. Sometimes the package includes an instructional DVD where you can see a visual guide on using this machine.

  • No experience is needed to knit with this machine.
  • Includes a total of 100 needles.
  • It allows you to make large, full-size garments.
  • It allows the use of a wide threads variety.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty is limited.
  • Very large garments can take a long time.
  • Patience and dedication are required to achieve maximum use of the machine.

16. Bond Incredible Sweater Knitting Machine

Bond Incredible Sweater Machine Knitting Machine
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02/18/2024 06:08 pm GMT

With the Incredible Bond Knitting Machine, you can get ready to make the sweaters, skirts, coats, and any other knit garment you want, in the best possible way and with great precision. Thanks to the 100 needles that this machine has, it allows you to give up to 1,000 stitches per minute, so you can not only knit what you want, but you can do it in record time. With British design and engineering, knitting garments will be like a simple seam. You can also use any thread type to knit your garments with this machine; as long as you follow the instructions to the letter, you shouldn’t have any problems.


This machine comes with everything you might need to do knitting. This bead comes with 100 needles, a set of four key plates, and the tools needed to be able to knit elegant patterns and other shapes. An essential feature of this knitting machine is that it is decades old; although that doesn’t stop you from knitting many garments, some boxes may include a VHS tape with assembly and use instructions. If you can’t see the VHS tape, don’t worry, there are several videos on YouTube where that explain all this and more.
Thanks to the large capacity of fabric that this machine has, you can make different types of fabrics such as double fabric, Aran, mohair, thick, sports, etc. You can also use manual knitting patterns or check the range of Bond pattern books where you are sure to find many things to knit.

  • Ability to knit with various yarn types.
  • The knitting of large garments such as sweaters, pullovers, trousers, etc.
  • Good value for money.
  • The instructions could be confusing, so it’s a good idea to search for videos on YouTube.
  • It is not so easy to learn the learning curve.

Best Electronic Knitting Machine

17. SK840 Stainless Steel

Electronic machines have been revolutionizing the conventional way of knitting by taking it to other levels. However, several of these machines can combine hand knitting with electronic knitting, as is the case with the SK840. With this machine, you can make scarves, gloves, socks, hats, heaters, etc. Many experienced weavers catalog this as the best electronic knitting machines, thanks to its caliber and precision when making the fabrics. It is also lightweight and easy to transport, so it could also be a perfect gift for children to learn knitting art.


The SK840 knitting machine maintains a standard knitting gauge of 4.5 mm, which makes it a favorite for many because it allows for different yarns types. It also features 200 stitches and roller cover needles for quiet and smooth operation. The SK840 is made of stainless steel, and all these needles can be used to make patterns up to 200 stitches wide.

Like other knitting machines, this one requires certain patterns that are controlled by computers. You can use several of them with this machine and make hundreds of patterns .PAT, .SHP, .DAT, .PBM, .BPT, .PCX, .PGM, and many more. It also allows you to make variations on the patterns, such as inverted fabric, double-width, mirror type, etc.

  • It allows making garments of different sizes, from socks to sweaters.
  • High-quality products with good value for money.
  • Recognition of hundreds of patterns in different formats types.
  • Support various threads types.
  • The assembly could be complicated, it is necessary to read the instructions well.

18. SK155 Stainless Steel

SK155 is a machine with a caliber of twice the previous one, 9 mm, that will serve you to knit the most beautiful garments for you, your family, or your friends. With this machine, you will be able to knit warmers, hats, bags, scarves, socks, sweaters, and more. Thanks to the Smart Knitting Loom technology, the ease of using this machine is effortless and fun, so you can teach your children how to knit.


The SK155 is made of stainless steel, has a three-needle system, and has 110 stitches, allowing you to create unique patterns with pleat, knit, and slip stitches. This machine’s punch card pattern center has 12 stitches, allowing you to knit even the thickest threads on heavy garments. Besides, thanks to the 9 mm mid-gauge, you can be sure that you will have the most accurate and beautiful self-made garments.

  • It allows for making garments of different sizes with great precision.
  • High-quality products with good value for money.
  • Admits all thread types.
  • The assembly could be complicated, it is necessary to read the instructions well.

19. LK150 Nannday Electric Knitting Machine Kit

The Electric Knitting Machine is an easy-to-use knitting machine that can produce a variety of knitwear, such as scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets. It features a compact and lightweight design that is easy to store and transport. The machine can be operated using a foot pedal or a button, and it comes with several different stitch patterns that can be easily changed. The machine is suitable for beginners and experienced knitters alike, and it can be used to create a variety of knitting projects.

  • The machine is easy to use and suitable for beginners and experienced knitters.
  • It features a compact and lightweight design that is easy to store and transport.
  • The machine can be operated using a foot pedal or a button, providing versatility in the way it is used.
  • It comes with several different stitch patterns that can be easily changed, allowing for customization of the knitting project.
  • The machine is capable of producing a variety of knitwear, such as scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets.
  • The machine may not be suitable for more complex knitting projects that require a lot of customization.
  • The price may be higher compared to other knitting machines on the market.
  • It may take some time to learn how to use the machine effectively.
  • The machine may not be suitable for knitters who prefer traditional hand knitting.

Knitting Machine Buying Guide

If you still don’t know which knitting machine to buy, you can use this guide to know how to buy the right home knitting machine for you. These tips and extra information could go a long way in helping you choose the best home knitting machine for you.

best home knitting machine

What to Consider When Buying a Knitting Machine

There are many knitting machines on the market today, so it could be challenging to choose the right one. However, there are several things to consider when buying a knitting machine. Here are the basic features you should consider.

Knitting Capacity

The more functions your modern knitting machine has, the easier it will be to create garments and to carry out new projects. You should also consider the machine’s size; the average size of 6-7 mm is recommended.

Needles Number

To knit garments of different sizes, designs, and densities, it is recommended that the machines can adjust the needles. Currently, most of these come with a yarn counter that facilitates the monitoring of the pattern with greater accuracy. The more needles the machine has, the larger pieces and different patterns can be knitted.

Weight and size

Depending on your personal knitting machine use, you may want to consider the machine’s size and weight. If you are going to use it for personal projects, you may consider buying a portable knitting machine to work at home or take with you wherever you want. If you want something more professional, you can opt for industrial knitting machines.


Most professional knitting machines sold now come with different accessories; you can consider all the parts and tools it brings when buying one and decides which one is best for you. Several of those mentioned in this post include quite attractive tools and accessories necessary for the production of high-quality fabrics.

What’s the Best Knitting Machine to Buy

This post mentions some of the best home knitting machines you can find in the market. But if you want to go for the safe and guaranteed, we recommend buying a knitting machine from Addi’s brand. These domestic knitting machines have German engineering and design that guarantee optimal operation and performance. You can also opt for the Caron Ultimate Sweater Machine, which allows you to knit clothing of considerable sizes such as hats, sweaters, blankets, and more. In some cases, you may need to use regular sewing machines for your knit fabric.

On the other hand, if you have never used an electric knitting machine but are tempted to do so, we suggest you buy the Nannday knitting machine. This machine is easier to install and use than the others mentioned, although those are also very good, to start with this type of machine this could be the ideal one for you.

Types of Knitting Machines

If you don’t know about knitting machines, here we will tell you the main types you can choose when buying one.

Hand Knitting Machine

A Knitting Machine or Hand Knitting Machine is a device used to create different types of knitted fabrics. The idea arose in 1589 when the demand for socks spread so that the hand knitters could no longer meet it and devised a machine to help them knit the socks. Since then, knitting art has become one of the sources of income for many families worldwide, but nowadays, manual knitting machines have become a standard for both entrepreneurs and amateurs. They are known as Hand Knitting machines because most of them work with a crank that must be turned to form the fabrics, but it is generally called Knitting Machine.

Flat Bed Knitting Machine

This is another common knitting machine among artisans and producers of small-scale knitwear. The fabrics that this type of flat-bed knitting machine allows to be made to have the particularity of having seams on the sides, so once the machine finishes its work, the sides have to be joined. This machine type doesn’t knit circularly, as the Hand Knitting Machine can do; it can only work by rows of going and coming back. These are mostly manual, with punched cards, or come with adaptations to be electronic.

Electronic Knitting Machine

An electronic knitting machine is very similar to a knitting machine with perforated machines. It works through electronic impulses that tell the card which needles are needed according to the fabric. This machine tends to make the patterns much faster than a manual knitting machine, as it has to stop after each row. It can store over 600 different patterns in its memory. Many of them come with built-in software that allows the knitter to program the same garment with different calibers, threads, and stitch types. Some of them, like the SK840, can read different types of formats to make a wide variety of fabrics and garments.

How to Use a Knitting Machine?

Knitting with machines is much faster to perform and more fun. You can create great fabrics, shape them to your liking, and even change the number of stitches or the fabric type if the machine allows it. To use your knitting machine, you must first establish whether you will use it sitting or standing. A knitting machine can have up to 150 needles in electronic ones, but manual ones have an average of 44-48 needles allowing a large number of stitches to be made in width or diameter.

When a knitting machine setup is done, the thread spool should be placed on the floor or the table, allowing a loop to be made behind each needle. Once the thread is placed on the needle, the crank starts to turn, and the needle will start knitting. As soon as the fabric starts to come out from the bottom, a weight should be placed to keep the fabric taut as it is being knitted; this will avoid jumps and knots. Consider placing a moderate weight according to what you are knitting; a lot of tension is not recommended.

In this type of machine, you usually need a shuttle and a row of safety hooks. Place the thread in the hook and pass it through each needle. Once the shuttle passes over the hooks, it pulls on each one, taking the thread loose and dragging it through the previous loop hanging from the hook, and so on. Once you have woven the required size, the thread is cut, the fabric is removed from the machine, and the necessary arrangements are made. In circular knitting machines, the machine makes a stitch and joins it to the stitching around. It is the same process as above but in a spiral.


What Can Knitting Machines Make?

A knitting machine can make different size garments such as socks, hats, sweaters, bags, and more. Also, it can use different patterns, threads, and knits faster than the manual way.

What Is The Best Knitting Machine Brand?

Choosing a single brand as the best knitting machine is almost impossible, as many machine users claim that some are better than others. However, it must be acknowledged that Addi knitting machines are of excellent quality, just like Sentro brand knitting machines. Many users recommend these knitting machine brands for their durability, knitting precision, and good value for money.

Which Knitting Machine Is The Best?

Choosing a knitting machine as the best is the same as choosing the best brand; it depends on the type of user and the use it will be put to. So defining one as the best would be inappropriate, but this guide mentions and describes the best and most popular knitting machines on the market.

Is A Knitting Machine Easy To Use?

Yes, as long as the instructions are read and followed correctly. In case the instructions are not clear, it is recommended to search YouTube for videos to understand the machine better.

What Is The Best Sock Knitting Machine?

Addi Knitting Machines are the best choice for knitting socks.

How Much Does A Knitting Machine Cost?

Knitting machine prices vary by several factors; model, type of knitting, accessories, tools, etc. The price of a knitting machine can range from $18 to over $300.

Can You Purl On A Knitting Machine?

No, the fabrics on the knitting machines are usually unchangeable. So you must be careful and patient when knitting your garments.

Can You Use Hand Knitting Patterns On A Knitting Machine?

Yes, in electronic knitting machines, you can engrave the hand-knitting patterns on a computer and have the knitting machine make them.

How Do I Repair A Knitting Machine?

In case your knitting machine is failing, you could try to repair it. However, it is best to take it to a professional for a thorough check and repair for you, but if your budget does not allow it, you could try the following to extend the life of your knitting machine:

Clean the machine regularly.
Use knitting oil frequently.
Check the needles for debris.
Check brushes to ensure no threads are caught.
Check screws, nuts, and other parts for looseness.
Replace the press bar annually.
Replace broken or bent needles.
Do not dig into the rail.
Avoid forcing the machine.
Do not disassemble the card.
Do not disassemble the punch card.

How Do I Knit Faster?

To knit faster, be sure to use the right yarn, keep the machine in a good position, follow instructions, and be patient and dedicated. Always keep your attention on what you are doing and concentrate. This way you can guarantee better and faster results.

Is Loom Knitting Faster Than Hand Knitting?

Many people who have had the opportunity to knit on a machine claim that it is much faster than knitting by hand. Although hand knitting often entertains and clears the mind, a fast and accurate result provided by knitting machines cannot be compared to hand knitting. The knitting machine allows you to make more pieces in much less time.

What Is A Double Bed Knitting Machine?

The Double Bed Knitting Machine is a machine with two needle beds. It allows you to knit and purl in one row. The needle beds are in an inverted “V” shape, which allows the fabric to be formed with the thread tension evenly between the two beds.

What Is Flat Bed Knitting Machine?

A Flat Bed Knitting Machine is a machine that only knits flat, so it is not possible to make round fabrics, and it is necessary to join the side seams once the fabric is finished. These machines can knit back and forth. It can also be operated manually with a crank, with punched cards, or even come with some electronic models.

What Does Knitting Flat Mean

Flat knitting is typical hand knitting. It tries to make knitted fabrics in which the work is constantly repeated. This is done by alternating both sides of the fabric. It can also be done by alternating right to left and vice versa without having to constantly turn the fabric. The machines that make the flat fabric usually do it in the first way, and that is why they cannot make another type of fabric.

What Is Circular Knitting Machine

Circular knitting machines are those that can make tube-shaped fabrics such as scarves, hats, and other continuous fabrics in a circular fashion

What Is A Standard Gauge Knitting Machine?

A standard-gauge machine is one that has a 4.5 mm gauge, which defines the size of the thread in the machine’s fabric. These knitting machines are mostly used for commercial purposes and generally use tapered yarn

How Do I Know What Type And Size Of Needle My Knitting Machine Uses?

Each knitting machine can have different sizes and gauge needles, but each machine is designed to work with a specific range of needle and thread sizes. To do this, you should read the instruction manual thoroughly, and it should state the size of the needles your machine needs. If not, find a professional to help you select the size. However, there are some machines whose needles are not replaceable.

What Can You Make With a Circular Knitting Machine?

A circular knitting machine is perfect for making all kinds of knits that are circular, such as hats, socks, pillows, gloves, sweaters, and even handbags. This is one of the most functional machines on the market.


Now you know everything you need to know to buy a knitting machine and start making your garments, it is time to select the brand and model that best suits your needs and your pocket and then make the decision. Make sure you buy what you really need and don’t just buy a machine because it is the best on the market, or because it is the one everyone is taking.



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