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10 Best Knitting Row Counter(2021 Top Picks)

When you begin your knitting journey, you will need to learn two important things: how to decipher patterns and count the rows in your knitting projects. Yes, learning how to count rows is very important in crafting.

However, counting rows can be quite confusing at times. Even those who have more knitting experience still forget to count rows or lose themselves in the process. It is recommended that you use a knitting row counter machine to prevent such confusion and inconveniences.

So what exactly is a knitting row counter, and which ones should you use? Read on to find out!


What is a Row in Knitting?

Before you can start counting your rows, you need to understand what a row is in knitting. A row can be defined as the part that runs along your knitting needle, from left to right. Rows are usually made up of many little stitches that have been knit together. Knitting projects involve creating rows after rows, each stacked on top of the other.

Best Reviewed Row counter for knitting

Considering all the types of knitting row counters available in the market, finding the right and most efficient one can be quite daunting. However, we’ve done all the work for you and compiled the top 10 Knitting Row Counter you can find in the market:

1. KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter

KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter 4-Digit Tally...
  • Easy to Use: Our tally counter can count to 9999 as maximum figure (Please Note: this counter Cannot Subtract Number). Only a few rotating of clockwise is needed to reset. Powerful function and...
  • No Batteries Required: With no battery loaded, our clicker counter works with mechanical parts, displaying 4 digits accurately. No need to worry about the electrical power. Time to choose the counter...
  • Solid & Durable Materials: Endowed with durable full metal case, our pitch counter feels durable and sturdy, smooth surface, sturdy ring wraps around the finger, counter could stay securely in your...
  • Wide Application: Any occasion you would require a counter such as school, lab, sport event, golf, casino, bar, concert, & coach, etc.
  • Quality Guarantee: Each piece of KTRIO tally counter is guaranteed with 100% satisfaction assurance. Any issues related to product quality please feel free to contact us for a full refund or...

The KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter counts up to a maximum of 9999 rows. The counter does not need batteries to function; it only works with mechanical parts. Therefore, you need not worry about electrical power when using this tally counter.

This mechanical tally counter also features a durable metal case and a sturdy, smooth surface. The incorporated ring wraps perfectly around the finger, ensuring that the counter stays firm and secure in the hand. More so, as a quality guarantee, the KTRIO hand tally counter package comes with a 100% satisfaction assurance.

2. KTRIO Pack of 6 Color Hand Tally Counter

KTRIO Pack of 6 Color Hand Tally Counter 4-Digit...
  • Easy to Use: Our tally counter can count to 9999 as maximum figure (Please Note: this counter Cannot Subtract Number). Only a few rotating of clockwise is needed to reset. Powerful function and...
  • No Batteries Required: With no battery loaded, our clicker counter works with mechanical parts, displaying 4 digits accurately. No need to worry about the electrical power. Time to choose the counter...
  • Lightweight & Durable Materials: Endowed with ABS plastic case, our pitch counter feels smooth and comfortable besides the lightweight and portability it shows.
  • Wide Application: Any occasion you would require a counter such as school, lab, sport event, golf, casino, bar, concert, & coach, etc.
  • Quality Guarantee: Each piece of KTRIO tally counter is guaranteed with 100% satisfaction assurance. Any issues related to product quality please feel free to contact us for a full refund or...

The KTRIO Pack of 6 Color row counter is built using lightweight materials. Therefore, knitters can comfortably use the row counter without getting tired quickly. The tally counter is also endowed with an ABS plastic counter, which feels very smooth and comfortable.

KTRIO Pack of 6 colors has no batteries loaded and does not require electrical power to function. The fact that it functions only with its mechanical parts makes it very eco-friendly. Also, the high-quality materials used to make the machines guarantee their durability and longevity.

3. Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha Kacha

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha-Kacha
  • Pendant style counter
  • For tracking knitting stitched and rows
  • Pictured neck cord is not included

The Clover row counter is 6.2 inches × 2.8 inches × 0.5 inches (height by length by width). It is built using high-quality plastic material. The plastic material is what makes the stitch counter highly durable.

Also, being only 0.04 pounds, the knitting stitch counter is very lightweight and wrap around the finger nicely. Therefore, knitters can easily carry the row counter and use it comfortably for all types of projects. What’s even better, the Clover row counter is designed with a lock at the bottom left side for added accuracy and safety.

4. Susan Bates Universal Knit Count

Susan Bates Universal Knit Count
  • Universal knit count
  • Great for circular and double point knitting
  • Fits needles US 0 to 15 (2mm to 10mm)

The SUSAN BATES crochet counter is a universal type of knit counter. This means that it can be used with different types of knitting needles. Its compatibility is because the row counter hangs from a ring.

SUSAN BATES row counter for knitting slides very quickly on the needle. It is, therefore, ideal for double point and circular knitting. The counter fits knitting needles of US size 2mm to 20mm. It counts from 0 to a maximum of 99.

5. Knitter’s Pride Row Counter

Knitter's Pride Row Counter Ring-Size 10: 19.8mm...
  • Knitter's Pride Row Counter Ring-Size 10: 19. 8mm Diameter
  • Package length:3.5"
  • Package width:2.6"
  • Package height:1.0"

The Knitter’s Pride row counter is designed with a ring size of 8mm in diameter.  The rings run about half-size small and can be easily worn while knitting. It also fits perfectly on the knitting needle. The row counter is built using stainless steel, a high-quality material that ensures it stays durable.

One significant advantage of the Knitter’s Pride row counter is that it allows two separate counters to move independently. More so, the motion of the two number rings is easy and very smooth. The movement also produces enough resistance that keeps it in place during knitting.

6. Digi TC-895 Digital Tally Counter

Digi 1st TC-895 Digital Dual Tally Counter,...
  • Counts with two counters independently in the same display (Can also be reset independently)
  • Count up with the two buttons in the middle by default. Switch to subtraction mode anytime to subtract the count from each counter
  • Shows sum or difference of the two counters anytime for easy comparison
  • Low power consumption and long battery life due to its auto sleep feature.
  • Light weight, easy to use, perfect for counting attendance, laps run, game scores, or any activities which need tallying.

The TC-895 digital row counter features two tally counters in its structure. Both of these tally counters can be operated separately yet in the same display. The +/- modes included in the structure can be easily switched to enable the row counter to count either up or down.

Also, this row counter for knitting can be operated either silently or with a loud beep; it is the user’s choice. The LCD digital display is large enough to ensure that users can read digits easily without straining their eyes. Furthermore, the counter has a lock feature that functions to prevent any accidental modification.

7. CLOVER 336 Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha

CLOVER 336 Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha
  • The Country of Origin: Japan
  • The Package Length of the Product is: 2.9"L
  • The Package Width of the Product is: 2.1"W
  • The Package Height of the Product is: 0.3"H

The Clover 336 Knitting Counter Kacha-Kacha is very easy to use. All that a knitter must do is push the counter’s tip every time they complete a row or stitch. Every push of the counter’s tip advances the count. The row counter counts from 0 to a maximum of 99.

Clover 336 model is built using high-quality plastic material. It has a lightweight design, weighing only 0.05 pounds. The lightweight design makes it very portable, such that knitters can use it anywhere and for any occasion.

8. Number Row Stitch Markers Crochet or Knitting

Numbers 1 to 9 Stitch Counters for Crocheting and...
  • Used to mark the end chain of crochet items when in the round; also used to mark groups of rows up the side of knitted projects
  • The silver plated lever back clasps fit yarn sizes up to bulky/chunky
  • Set of 9 with tin; yarn and hook are not included
  • Approximate size: 1.25” total length

The Number Row stitch marker can be used for both crocheting and knitting projects. It is used to mark the end chain of crochet projects and groups of rows on the sides of knitted projects when working in the round.

The crochet stitch counter is designed with a silver-plated lever that fits different yarn sizes, including chunky and bulky yarns. The stitch markers are also lined with a soft, cotton batting on the surface, making them smooth and comfortable on the hands.

9. Woniutch Electronic Tally Counter

Woniutch Electronic Tally Counter/Handheld Number...
  • 4-digit LCD display, counter registers to 9999.( Not for counting negative numbers)
  • Pocket-size and come with neck lanyard. Size: 2.5 in. x 1.34 in. x 0.6 in.
  • Count anything and everything with ease and simplicity. Keep track of attendance, baseball pitch count, car parking tally, and anything that requires counting.
  • What you get: One counters (battery included) and one free replacement battery (Battery type AG13)

The Woniutch Electronic tally counter features a 4-digit LCD display that clearly shows row count data. It has a small size of 2.5 inches x 1.34 inches x 0.6 inches, such that it can be fit perfectly in the pocket during knitting.

The electronic tally counter is also designed with a neck lanyard. Hence, knitters can comfortably hang it around their necks during knitting. The Woniutch tally counter package comes with one row counter (with batteries included) and one replacement battery for free.

10. UEETEK Manual Knitting Stitch Row Crocheting Counter

UEETEK Manual Counter Knitting Stitch Row...
  • This item is a very handy tool for every stitcher and avid crocheter who need to keep keep count of stitches and rows, and this little gadget comes in quite handy, especially if you have to stop...
  • A nice tool for your knitting work,make your handwork more easily
  • Great little tool that saves finding a pen and paper to count to track row, stitch and pattern counts
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry.
  • Material: Plasti;Size: Approx. 7*4.3*1 cm/2.8*1.7*0.4 inch(L*W*H)

If you intend to make your handwork easier, the UEETEK manual counter is just the row counter you need. This counter is built using lightweight plastic material, making it very portable and easy to carry around.

The plastic used to make the row counter is also of high quality. Hence, you can rest assured that the UEETEK manual row counter can provide you excellent service for extended periods.

How to Count Rows in Knitting

With a row counter for knitting, counting rows is very fast and easy. However, it is also suitable for knitters to cultivate the skill of counting rows manually. The following are two simple methods on how you can manually count rows in knitting:

Method 1

Identify the row that is just above the cast-on. Ignore all the stitches on your needle, as well as the bottom cast-on row; these do not count. Begin counting from this row. Then, finish counting on the row that is just below your circular needles.

Method 2

Look for V-shapes in your knit project. Each V you find is a knit stitch in a row. Therefore, you can count your rows by counting these V-shapes. Note that you should always count the V’s from the bottom of your knitting to the top. This method is most recommended for the basic knit fabrics, as these have stitches that resemble V’s.

How to Use the Knitting Row Counter

Knit row and stitch counters are beneficial tools in knitting. To use a knit row counter, place it on the end of one of your knitting needles, such that it remains next to you while working. Alternatively, you can even wear it on your neck, like a necklace.

Each time you complete a row of knitting, turn the knit row counter or click the set button on the stitch marker. The machine will then record the number of rows, ensuring that you remain accurate when knitting.

How do you Keep Track of your Rows in Knitting?

You start counting the first stitch, the second stitch, the third one, and all seem to be going on well until you reach the tenth stitch, then you can’t tell whether it is the ninth or the tenth stitch. Many of us have found ourselves in such a similar situation.

Keeping track of your rows repeats in knitting is not easy. Even a simple repeats can go wrong without much concentration. However, some tips can help you keep track of these rows efficiently. Consider two of these tips:

Ø  Keep a tally – When you are not using your row counter, you can keep track of your rows by tallying them with a piece of paper and pen/pencil.

Ø  Place a stitch marker after every ten rows – This strategy is ideal for larger projects that involve many rows. Placing a stitch marker after every ten rows will help you keep accurate track of your knit rows.


Indeed, counting rows is just as easy as it sounds. Yet, it is even made easier and effortless with a knitting row counter machine. Therefore, wait no more and get yourself one of the ten best-reviewed knitting row counters mentioned above. A good knitting row counter means accurate rows and accurate knitting!


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