What Are The Best Marking Pen for Machine Quilting? [ 5 best picks ]

Quilting is a fun and creative hobby that can create beautiful art! However, it can be hard to find the right marking pen for machine quilting. This blog post will cover what you need to know about using pens in quilting and tell you how to make sure you have all the best tools for your project. You’ll also learn which are our favorite pens for marking on fabric. Check out this blog post if you’re looking for tips on finding the perfect pen!

Best Marking Pen for Machine Quilting

Best Marking Pen for Machine Quilting List:

What are quilting markers and why do we use them in quilting

Markers are used to mark the fabric for machine quilting. They come in various colors with different highlighting effects, and they work well on dark fabrics.

Marking pens makes it easier than ever to create beautiful projects that would otherwise be difficult or tedious without them!

Types of marking pens available for quilting

There is a variety of quilt marking pens on the market. They come in different colors and can be used for different purposes like basting, outlining, or free-motion work. The two primary types of pen to choose from include archival ink that will not fade over time instead of erasable fabric markers that wear off with washing your project clothes before you know it!

Tips on using the marking pen for quilting

  • Mark the quilt with a pencil first, then use the marking pen to trace over it.
  • Use the marker when you are sewing curves or other tricky areas of your project.
  • Make marks on the fabric before cutting for accurate placement.
  • Place marks in-between seams and intersections, so they don’t get covered up by stitching later on.
  • Draw lines to help guide your pressing – this will make sure that you’re not ironing wrinkles into your finished work.
  • If necessary, erase any markings from your finished project after it has been washed and dried.

Reviews of 5 Best Marking Pen For Machine Quilting

Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens for Quilting

Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens with 4 Refills for Quilting, Sewing and Dressmaking (4 Piece Set)
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02/18/2024 05:30 pm GMT

Looking for the best quilt marking pens? Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens are the perfect tool for marking on fabric. They’re great for quilting or sewing projects where you need to mark a specific stitch or thread color.

The pens come in four colors – red, white, blue, and black – so you can use them to color-code your marks too! You’ll never have to worry about ink fading with these pens because they vanish easily when heated with an iron. Plus, these pens come with 4 free refill cartridges so you can get more use out of them before they run dry!

Madam Sew Chalk Fabric Marker for Sewing and Quilting

Madam Sew Chalk Fabric Markers are the perfect solution for making temporary marks on quilting fabrics. They come in 3 different colors so that you can easily distinguish between them when marking your fabric. The pens also have a dosing wheel technology that ensures consistent, even dispensing of chalk on the toothed metal wheel. This means no more guessing how much chalk is left in the pen or accidentally running out of ink before finishing your project!

These markers will be able to work with all types of fabrics including cotton, leather, suede, and synthetic fibers without smudging or brushing off lines unintentionally.

ibotti Heat Erase Pens for Quilting Fabric

ibotti Heat Erase Pens for Fabric with 8 Free Refills for Quilting Sewing, 4 Colors Assorted Pack
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The ibotti Heat Erase Pens for Fabric are perfect for quilters. They come with 8 free refills and 4 different colors of ink to meet all your needs.

These pens are high-performance, so they easily erase with a quick touch of iron. When you use the white pen, there is a delay before it shows up on the fabric in about 2 minutes, but this is normal because it takes time to dry.

You can use these pens to mark or design anything you want on your fabric without worrying about ruining it! 

Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen

Dritz Dual Purpose Disappearing Ink & Mark-B-Gone, Marking Pen, Blue and Purple, 8.75 x 2.88 x 0.5
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You won’t have to worry about your markings being visible after washing or wearing clothes if you have a Dritz Dual Purpose Marking Pen because the line of marking will disappear in 24 hours! This pen has two ends so it can serve as both an air & water-soluble pen or a blue water-soluble pen for use with fabric that cannot withstand any type of dye.

You can use these washable fabric markers for quilting pens to transfer pattern markings, embroidery & quilting designs, or to mark size alterations, seam allowances, and many other sewing, and craft projects.

Water Soluble Marking Pen

Water Soluble Marking Pen, Blue
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02/18/2024 05:45 pm GMT

The blue tone of this marker makes it easy to see your markings on dark-colored fabrics. It can also be used to mark the right side of the fabric so you don’t have to turn it inside out when cutting out pieces from the same material.

This is especially helpful if you are working with expensive materials that need special care like silk or velvet. You will love how easy these pens are to use! They come in many different colors too!

These pens make sewing easier than ever before because they allow you to mark your fabric without having to worry about ruining your work by accidentally pressing too hard while using an ordinary pencil or pen.

Why you should use a marking pen instead of pins

  • Pins can bend and break your sewing machine needle.
  • Pins can cause the fabric to tear or snag on the pins.
  • Marking pens are a lot easier to remove than pins and don’t leave any marks behind.
  • Marking pens will not get lost as easily as pins do.
  • Quilting with marking pens is faster because you don’t have to keep stopping every few inches to pin things in place.
  • The more often you quilt with marking pens, the less time it takes for them to dry out and become unusable.

Which color of marker pen should you choose for quilting?

a) For a project with lots of colors, go ahead and use as many different pens to be sure your lines are crisp. 

b) If there isn’t much variety in the colors used on your pattern or if it’s mostly dark fabrics that will show through the ink better than light ones, try using just one black fountain pen so all your marks stand out more easily when stitching by hand.

Common mistakes when using a marker pen for quilting?

A few mistakes to avoid when using a marker pen for quilting are:

Not replacing the cap on your markers before putting them down, and letting ink bleed onto other fabrics.

When you lay out fabric squares or cut pieces of cloth into shapes, be sure that each piece has an open space in which it is lying flat so that there will always be room between two layers for air circulation if one becomes wet with any stray mark making fluid left over from cutting as well as any new marks made by a different color once sewing begins.

Additionally, make use of colored quilt marking pencils rather than pens since they don’t have caps like marker pens do; this way your line work won’t smudge up against another section where no lines should exist yet.

How to store your quilting marker pens?

There is always the possibility of storing them upside down, as this will allow gravity to help distribute any leftover liquid in the tip back into the reservoir inside the pen barrel and reduce the risk of leakage when writing on fabric.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t work then one option would be to use an old prescription bottle with some cotton at the bottom soaked in alcohol (isopropyl) instead of water; just make sure it has enough room for air bubbles otherwise ink may get stuck. This also helps keep colors from separating which could cause inconsistent color results later on during projects!

So Overall, Which Marker pen is the best for Machine Quilting and why

In my opinion, Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens are the best choice. It is a time-saving and convenient way to mark your fabric without the risk of damaging it or having the pen rub off on clothes; there’s no need for water-soluble pens anymore!


Now that you know what to look for in a marking pen, it’s time to get started. There are so many great options out there, and we hope this guide has given you some helpful insight into how to find the perfect quilting marking pens for your needs. To check if you want to start a new quilting project, just click here!


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