Best Sewing Machine for Beginners in Australia [Buying Guide]

It can be difficult to know which sewing machine is best for you when there are so many to choose from. You might not even know where to start, especially if this is your first time buying a machine. However, the answer may surprise you! 

We’ve created a list of the top 6 sewing machines, especially for Australia, that we recommend based on their features and price points.

The reviews include information about why they’re our favorites and what makes them stand out as well as some helpful tips for beginners who are looking for an all-around beginner’s model. Once you have read through each review, hopefully, it will be easy for you to decide which one suits your needs best!

Best Sewing Machine For Beginners In Australia

Check out our list of the best sewing machines for beginners below!

Best Sewing Machine Under $300 in Australia;

Best Sewing Machine Under $500 in Australia;

Best Sewing Machine Under $1000 in Australia

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine
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We have compiled the above sewing machines in different price ranges(mid-range sewing machines to high-end sewing machines) and brands like (Janome, Brother, and Singer) but we are pretty sure that you will love them. There is a saying that “the best machine is the one which suits your budget and requirements”. 

Reviews of the Top 6 Best Sewing Machines for Beginners in Australia

1. Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine:

Singer Start 1306 Sewing Machine White
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The Singer Start 1306 is a great entry-level machine for beginners. It’s easy to use and has all the features you need, like 6 built-in stitches and 1 buttonhole stitch. You can even adjust the tension with just one touch of a button! This machine will make sewing fun and easy so that you can get started on your next project right away.  

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  1. This model is ideal for first-time sewers and beginners.
  2. This machine is lightweight but highly durable with its metal frame and mechanical components.
  3. It has a stitch selector dial on the side which makes it easy to change stitches if you want to try something different.
  4. This also comes with a built-in carry handle, so it’s easy to take your machine with you.
  5. The bobbin is clear, so you can see when it’s full- meaning you never have to worry about running out of thread!
  6. This model is also really easy to clean. It has a drop in the top bobbin with an automatic needle threader and easy presser foot pressure adjustment.   

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine?

  1. The stitch length and width settings should be set before each use– this is one of the things beginners need to learn how to do.
  2. To change the presser foot, you need to use a screwdriver- something else, new sewers will face difficulties.

Our Opinion:

This machine is a good choice for beginners who like to start sewing with lots of features and are willing to put up with the learning curve.

2. Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine:

Brother LS14S Metal Chassis Sewing Machine
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02/18/2024 06:05 am GMT

The Brother LS14S has a metal chassis that’s built to last. All the parts on this machine are high quality and can be replaced if needed.

The Brother LS14S is the perfect choice for your home or dressmaking needs. It has 14 stitches and a 4-step buttonhole, so it’s versatile enough to handle any project you throw at it. And with LED lighting and an easy drop-in bobbin system, threading this machine will be a breeze. Plus, you will get a zipper foot in the box!

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  1. Brother LS14S is lightweight and fairly easy to use.
  2. It has a lot of handy features such as LED lighting so you can sew at night.
  3. The removable free arm makes it easy to sew cuffs, sleeves, pant legs – any type of garment that needs a hard-to-reach area!
  4. There are lots of included accessories with this machine, so you will never have to buy any additional parts.
  5. The drop-in bobbin and easy needle threader make it simple for beginners to do basic tasks. This is a great starting point for beginners!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine?

  1. This machine is a little on the noisy side.
  2. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, so it might not be the best option for advanced sewers.

Our Opinion:

This machine is an ideal option for beginners thanks to its simplicity and ease to use.

3.Brother FS40 40-Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine

Brother FS40 40-Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine with Instructional DVD
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02/18/2024 08:54 am GMT

The Brother FS40 is a powerful sewing machine with 40 built-in stitches, the perfect number for both home and professional crafters. This electronic sewing machine can do it all: from dressmaking to hemming curtains.

The incredible sewing speed ensures that no matter what fabrics you need to sew next–from sateen cotton to sparkly sequins–this brother will take care of everything. It has many features in one compact package: a drop-in bobbin system became obsolete without a manual winder; 5 x 1 step buttonholes allow for precision work on different sizes; start/ stop button for more control when needed.

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  1. This sewing machine is light in weight and easy to transport.
  2. The LED screen allows for easy viewing of settings while sewing and the screen displays stitch names as well!  It is made for newbies with a simple design and user-friendly features.  
  3. It has a powerful motor that will handle even the thickest fabric, so you will never need to worry about a sewing project being too heavy.
  4. This machine is very durable and has been tested rigorously. In fact, it comes with a warranty of 3 years!
  5. It’s easy to clean and maintain due to the drop-in bobbin system and no bobbin winding needed. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine?

  1. The machine is a little noisy. 
  2. The bobbin thread tension can be fussy at times, especially if the thread isn’t wound properly.

Our Opinion:

This machine is a powerhouse that will handle heavy fabrics with ease.

4. Janome DC1030 Sewing Machine:

Janome DC1030 Sewing Machine
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Simplicity, quality, and value are important to you when it comes to sewing. You need tools that can do the biggest jobs with ease, like the Janome DC1030 Sewing Machine – an easy-to-use machine for everyday sewing.

This computerized model features 30 built-in stitches with a range of stitch types including narrow zigzag and satin applique. You’ll be able to sew without using foot control by pressing the start/stop or speed control slider buttons for faster sewing time, or by using memory buttonhole capabilities at speeds up to 800 SPM if your fabric is too thick for backstitch.

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  1. This is an ideal machine for beginners because it is made by Janome – one of the most popular manufacturers in the world that makes machines designed specifically for beginners.
  2. Janome DC1030 is simple and easy to use, so this machine will be a delight to have in your sewing room.
  3. It comes with plenty of accessories that will help you make beautiful garments – much more than just basic stitches!
  4. The one-step buttonholes are perfect for creating professional-looking buttonholes without the fuss of setting up a buttonhole foot.
  5. This machine comes with an extra high-pressure foot lift for hard-to-reach places, which is essential for perfect embroidery results.
  6. It also has 9 feet so that you can sew all types of fabrics and multiple layers.
  7. It’s affordably priced and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine?

  1. It is not a lightweight model, so this might not be the best machine to carry around and transport frequently.  
  2. This machine doesn’t have as many features compared to more advanced models with fancy stitches.

Our Opinion:

Janome DC1030 is a great machine for beginners because it is very user-friendly and simple to operate.

5. Janome DC2030 Computerized Sewing Machine:

Janome DC2030 Computerised Sewing Machine (5mm LS), White
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02/18/2024 02:26 am GMT


The Janome DC2030 is a current model of a computerized sewing machine, complete with 30 built-in stitches. It’s engineered for versatility and ease of use, so you can unleash your creativity and experiment in the world of sewing. It has plenty of features, including a stitch selection guide on display right on the front of the machine, where users can browse through images of each stitch to find what they want.

This handy feature ensures that no matter what type of creativity you have in mind, from formal stitches like overlock or twin needle seams to decorative heirloom appliqués and mixed media projects such as memo pad journals or quilts made from salvaged fabrics, you’ll be able to easily find the stitch you need.

Click here to find the user manual.

Why Should You Buy This Machine?

  1. The Janome DC2030 is a very versatile machine that can handle just about any project you throw at it.
  2. It comes with plenty of accessories that will help you create beautiful garments, such as a buttonhole foot, a walking foot, an extension table, and invisible zipper feet.  This machine also allows you to add more feet to suit your sewing needs.
  3. The sewing area is huge, and the free arm enables you to access awkward areas such as cuffs or collars easily.
  4. It comes with a wide storage compartment that holds all of the accessories needed for basic stitching – everything from zigzag and straight stitch feet to an automatic buttonholer.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine?

  1. This machine is made mainly for quilters, so if you’re not into sewing quilts, this might be a drawback.

Our Opinion:  

The Janome DC2030 is a heavy-duty machine that will help you create amazing projects for years to come.

6. Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine:

Brother FS100WT Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine
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02/18/2024 06:19 am GMT

When it comes to creative freedom, the Brother FS100WT is a home edition of the fully-featured commercial high-end sewing machines found in garment shops and boutique studios. Boasting an array of embroidery designs to choose from, plus free-motion capabilities for experimenting with your own ideas, this machine has been designed with enthusiasm and innovation.

With 100 stitches at your fingertips, you’ll never be without inspiration when designing personalized projects that make any hobbyist proud: use dense satin stitching or fun scalloped designs to stitch names on gifts; even create custom towels and dishcloths by using wash-away ink! With so many features that the FS100WT offers, including a built-in needle threader, dual-LED light, and an easy-to-use one-step auto bobbin winding system, this machine is just waiting for you to explore your creativity!

User Manual:

Video Preview:

Why Should You Buy This Machine?  

  1. This machine is great for quilting and designing.  The FS100WT has a one-step, auto bobbin winder, which makes winding bobbins fast and easy.  The machine is also versatile enough to do everyday sewing tasks, as well.
  2. The machine comes with a convenient drop-in bobbin and 6 built-in embroidery lettering fonts, which has made it a popular choice for teachers and students.  
  3. This machine is perfect for beginners, as it teaches users while they use the machine – during its many built-in project tutorials which are useful for learning the basics of sewing and embroidery.  

Why Shouldn’t You Buy This Machine? 

  1. This machine can be a bit confusing for some people, especially if they are new to quilting.  The machine does not have a built-in quilting guide, which is usually found on more advanced machines, so users need to draw their own quilting lines.
  2. The machine is also quite bulky, so it may not be suitable for traveling.

Our Opinion:  

The Brother FS100WT is a great machine for beginners looking to learn how to do sewing, embroidery, or quilting.

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine in Australia Market

No matter how strong your desire to take up sewing might be, you need a lot more than just a desire.  You have the enthusiasm and the creativity; now all that’s left is to invest in some basic equipment and accessories.  While it may seem like a daunting task at first, the truth is that you can do it.  Sewing machines are available in a wide range of prices, sizes, and features; choosing the right one for you isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be that hard either.  

7 Factors You Should Consider When Choosing The Best Sewing Machine For Your Occasion:

1. Price

The first thing you have to consider is your budget — how much are you willing or able to spend on the sewing machine?  While plenty of expensive machines are on the market, it’s important to remember that quality does not always come with a high price tag. You can usually find a good sewing machine for under $500.

2. Size and Weight

Some machines are more compact than others, making them perfect for any small space or journey; on the other hand, some models have larger frames that make them unsuitable for travel. You should also consider the weight of the machine you choose – if it’s too heavy, you won’t be able to carry it around or take it with you on business trips.

3. Features

Different machines have different features; some are equipped with only the most necessary functions for basic sewing and mending tasks, while others come with a wide array of convenient attachments that boost their versatility and functionality tenfold.  

So, what features should you look for in a sewing machine?  The first thing to consider is the brand name.  

Some manufacturers have become renowned and respected throughout the globe over the last few centuries.  If they are known for making high-quality products, then it’s safe to assume that their machines will live up to the company name, too.

4. Reputation and Warranty

Reputation is everything in business; it’s essential that you know who you are purchasing your machine from so that you can make a better judgment on the quality of their goods as well as customer service.  Customer ratings and reviews can be found all over the internet, but it’s best to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth.  Contact the company you are interested in or a local dealer and ask about customer satisfaction, repair service availability, and warranty conditions.

5. Attachments

Attaching various accessories to your machine is an easy way of increasing its versatility and functionality without having to buy another machine. 

6. Miscellaneous Accessories

If you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to purchase all the necessary accessories along with your machine. Start by purchasing needles and bobbins; as a beginner, you will need them on almost every project. If you later decide to attempt more advanced sewing jobs, chances are that your machine will also need other accessories like foot pedals and light bulbs, and screwdrivers.

7. Maintenance

You should never neglect basic maintenance; all machines require regular oiling or lubrication for smooth running and a longer life span. Many of them also come with specific instructions on how to clean certain parts of the mechanism (be it a sewing machine or any other device). 

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# 1. How to buy the best sewing machine for beginners?

• Read reviews of various sewing machines available in the market.
• Decide which brand you want and check licenses for that particular model on the internet (Google, Amazon).
• Visit a nearby dealer who will guide you to choose the best sewing machine for your requirements.
• Ask your family and friends who have used a sewing machine earlier, they can share their experience with you.

# 2. What type of sewing machine should I buy as a beginner?

• For beginners, the basic sewing machine models are sufficient as there is no requirement for special features or functions. Many cheaper machines simply have fewer stitches and a lower speed which is enough for beginners.
• You can buy a computerized one, but it is not at all necessary.

# 3. What are the things to consider while buying the best sewing machine for beginners?

Type of Machine: Computerized (USB stick) or Mechanical (Non-USB).
Type of stitches: Straight, zigzag, or decorative.
Price range: 100 to $500.
Brand name: Brother, Baby Lock, Janome, etc.

# 4. What are the basic things to look for in the best sewing machine for beginners?

Machine Size: It should be lightweight and small enough to keep it in your place.
Spool Capacities: Bigger capacity will help you to use thick fabrics.
Speed: Maximum speed depends on the usage.
Stitch Capacity: Maximum stitch capacity depends upon the stitch type and machine body design.

# 5. What are the useful features of a sewing machine?

Skipping stitches: This is a common problem in beginners who do not know to set tension properly.
Tension Settings: For beginners, this is the most important feature as it determines how straight or wavy your seams will be.
Reverse Stitch Facility: This facility is also a very useful feature for beginners who can use it on buttonholes and other decorative points on their sewing projects.

# 6. Which are the best sewing machine brands for beginners?

Brother: This is one of the most popular brand names that offer high-quality and durable machines.
Janome: This Japanese company has been making quality machines since 1924 and is also very popular among Australian users.
Singer: This is another famous brand and is known for its high-quality machines.


So, above we discussed the best sewing machine for beginners in Australia. If you are a beginner and want to start your own sewing projects then definitely it is very difficult to choose your First Sewing Machine. So, choosing a sewing machine must be based on your needs like what type of fabric or thread you will use most commonly, if you will do simple sewing or make your own clothes for winter then lightweight models are the best for beginners.

Hope you have enjoyed the article and gained more knowledge.

Happy Sewing!!


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I have spent many hours studying knitting, weaving, sewing, embroidery, and quilting as well as learning about various brands and models of sewing gear and machines. In addition to this research, my work involves publishing information related to these topics in ways that will be informative for both amateur crafters like me and more experienced sewers!