8 Best Sewing Machine For Professional Seamstress

As a sewing beginner, you most probably started with a home sewing machine. Your modern sewing machines might have some additional features besides basic sewing stitches.

However, as you gain more expertise in sewing, you realize that your simple home sewing machine is inadequate. The more creative you become in sewing, the bigger and better machines you require. And, especially should you get an advanced sewing machine, if you are to turn your sewing activity into a successful profession.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the best sewing machine for the professional seamstress which you can consider buying. It also discusses the buying guide for such best sewing machines, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about sewing. Read along!

Our top 3 picks!

Best Choice
Editors Choice
Best Overall
SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine,
Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine
Best Choice
SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
Editors Choice
Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine,
Best Overall
Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine
02/18/2024 11:15 am GMT
best sewing machine for professional seamstress

Best Sewing Machine for Professional Seamstress Reviews

Product Image Product Name Features / Primary Rating / Price / Primary Button
Best Choice
  • Color: Gray
    Note: Metal frame, 32 built-in stitches
  • 3.5
  • $219.99
Best Choice
  • Color: White
    Note: 70 built-in stitches, LCD with button.
  • 3.5
  • $272.98
  • Color: Blue
    Note: 80 built-in stitches, metal frame.
  • 3.5
  • $194.91
  • Color: Blue White
    Note: 80 built-in stitches, lcd screen.
  • 3.5
  • N/A
Best Overall
  • Color: 2020 Tan
    Note: 120 built-in stitches, Metal frame with big LCD.
  • 3.5
  • $795.50
  • Color: White
    Note: 100 built-in stitches, Metal frame with LCD.
  • 3.5
  • $299.30
  • Color: White
    Note: 21 built-in stitches, lightweight and compact design.
  • 3.5
  • $275.00
  • Color: White
    Note: 50 built-in stitches, Metal frame with LCD.
  • 3.5
  • $874.99
Color: White
Note: 21 built-in stitches, lightweight and compact design.
02/18/2024 11:15 am GMT

The following discussion reviews the 8 best sewing machines for professional seamstress;

1. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 – Good Sewing Machine for Making Clothes

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 97 Stitch Applications, Simple, Easy To Use & Great for Beginners
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02/18/2024 07:45 am GMT

This particular heavy-duty stitching machine can use for sewing all types of fabrics, especially for heavy-duty stitching services. This workhorse sewing machine is able to sew such heavyweight fabrics due to the built-in powerful motor, which makes it possible for sewists to stitch through these heavy fabrics quickly. Other essential features of the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 include three needle positions, onboard storage, and an in-built reverse system. All the features make it a good sewing machine for making clothes.


  • It is built with a metal interior frame, which enhances the stability and durability of the machine.
  • The stainless steel bedplate of this machine not only provides rigid support but also promotes the durability of the equipment by being highly resistant to damaging corrosion.
  • The built-in reverse system allows users to reinforce stitches and also sew in reverse, when appropriate.
  • It provides users with extra high sewing speeds of 1,100 stitches for every minute.
  • The Singer Heavy Duty 4432 machine includes a built-in buttonhole, a feature that makes it the best-advanced sewing machine for a professional seamstress.
  • It is designed with a free arm, which makes it easier for sewers to use the machine by offering easier access to those areas that are hard to reach.


  • The built-in automatic threading system of the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 is a hit or miss. Therefore, sewers may be forced to thread the needles themselves, most of the time.

2. Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother CS7000i Sewing and Quilting Machine, 70 Built-in Stitches, 2.0″ LCD Display, Wide Table, 10 Included Feet
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02/18/2024 02:38 am GMT

Brother CS7000i machine is an ideal option for those professional seamstresses who specialize in both sewing and quilting. The machine has 70 built-in stitches, which offer users a wide range of stitch options to choose from. These 70 stitches include quilting stitches, decorative stitches, and 7 different styles of buttonholes. This machine package usually comes with all the necessary accessories for sewing and quilting. This is the best sewing machine for experienced sewers that sews for you and gives you the pleasure of sewing.


  • Brother CS7000i is designed with very convenient and user-friendly features. This makes it not only an ideal sewing machine for professional seamstresses but also for sewing and quilting beginners.
  • It includes a built-in automatic needle threader, which simplifies work for the users by threading the needles themselves.
  • The sewing and stitching speed of the machine is easily adjustable.
  • It is designed with a backlit LCD, from which seamstresses can easily switch stitches and also set their preferred stitch options.


  • Brother CS7000i is not an ideal sewing machine for thick and bulky fabrics.
  • Both the lower and presser foot tensions of this machine cannot be adjusted.

3. EverSewn Charlotte

EverSewn Charlotte: 80-Stitch Computerized, Professional Quilting & Free Motion Features-Beginner to Expert Sewing Machine
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02/18/2024 02:39 am GMT

EverSewn Charlotte is a professional sewing machine for designers, considered the best sewing machine for advanced sewers due to its advanced features. It offers users a total stitch package of 70 different and beautiful stitches. It comes with 7 average soles (presser feet). This machine provides users with a stitch width of up to 7 mm. Indeed, the fantastic features of this computerized sewing machine make it different from other machines.


  • Since the EverSewn Charlotte is a computerized type of sewing machine, it is designed with buttons that make it much easier to use and operate.
  • It includes a start and stop function, which allows users to control their stitching activity without necessarily having to engage the foot pedal.
  • It is also designed with an up-and-down function for the needle position. This function makes it possible for professional seamstresses to easily specify the position of the needles.
  • The built-in speed control dial allows users to adjust the sewing speeds to fit their preferences.


  • The LED light on the needle position is not usually well-lit.
  • It tends to get locked up when sewing thicker fabrics.

4. Singer C5200

Singer C5200 Computerized 80 Built-in Stitches, LCD Screen, & LED Lighting Made Easy Sewing Machine, Turquoise
  • 80 Stitches – basic, stretch and decorative stitches for a wide range of sewing techniques and fabrics
  • One-Step Buttonhole Styles – bartack, round end and keyhole styles, with consistent results every time
  • LCD Screen – displays stitch selection, along with stitch length and width settings
  • Touch Button Stitch Selection – find the stitch you want to sew on the machine’s front panel display, then select your stitch using the touch buttons under the LCD window
  • LED Lighting – provides long lasting, bright illumination of the sewing area and stays cool to the touch
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Singer C5200 is the most budget-friendly dress-making machine you can find in the market. It is an ideal computerized sewing machine for all users, both beginners and advanced. This fancy sewing machine offers sewers with 80 different stitch options to choose from, such as decorative stitches, sewing stitches, and 6 buttonholes.


  • The lightweight design of the Singer C5200 computerized sewing machine makes it easy to carry and move around.
  • It is designed with an automatic needle threader, which saves seamstresses any eye straining or time wastage that they would’ve incurred by trying to thread the needle themselves.
  • Free-motion sewing is possible with this Singer machine, such as button sewing, monograms, and stipple quilting.
  • Sewers can easily select their stitch options, as well as adjust the stitch settings, with just the simple click of a button.


  • When the Singer C5200 is first started, it takes a while to bust the thread, and also for the included thread to jam.
  • It is designed with many digital settings that may be hard for beginners to understand.

5. Janome 4120QDC

Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine (New 2020 Tan Color) w/Hard Case + Extension Table + Instructional DVD + 1/4" Seam Foot w/Guide + Overedge Foot + Zig Zag Foot + Buttonhole Foot + More!
  • 120 Built-In Sewing Stitches with a Built-In Alphabet - Your Possibilities are Endless with 120 Built-In Stitches! Sew Quilt Labels and More with the Built-In Alphabet! / Built-In Automatic Needle...
  • Jam Proof Easy-Set Top-Loading Bobbin System - It's Easy To Change Your Bobbin. Simply Follow the Track and the Machine will Automatically Bring the Bobbin Thread Up For You. There is No Need to Worry...
  • Handy Function Buttons - The Thread Cutter Button will Cut Both the Top and Bottom Thread with the Touch of a Button. The Reverse Stitch Button will Have Your Machine Sew in Reverse for Reinforced...
  • Comes With an Incredible Amount of Accessories - Hard Cover, Extension Table, Instructional DVD, Zig-Zag “A” Sewing Foot, Overedge "C" Sewing Foot, Zipper “E” Sewing Foot, Satin Stitch “F”...
  • Also Comes With - 1/4” Seam “O” Sewing Foot with Guide, Zig-Zag “F2” Sewing Foot, Automatic Buttonhole “R” Sewing Foot, Assorted Needle Set, Spool Holder (Large), Spool Holder (Small),...
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02/19/2024 03:36 am GMT

Janome 4120QDDC computerized sewing machine features 120 built-in stitches. Of all these stitches, 7 are buttonholes that offer users a wide range of stitches to perform any task. Therefore, professional seamstresses using this machine can engage in all types of sewing projects, quilting projects, home decor, patchwork, and other daily projects.


  • It is designed with a full LCD screen, which allows users to easily choose their stitches, as well as make incredible fine adjustments in these.
  • The control panel of the Janome 4120QDC includes features that are easy to use, making this an ideal sewing machine for both beginners and advanced sewers.
  • It includes a built-in automatic thread cutter, which makes work easier for users by cutting threads on their behalf.
  • It offers seamstresses with high sewing speeds of 820 stitches every minute.


  • Some included decorative stitches are not as precise and correct.

6. Janome JW8100

Janome JW8100 sewing machine is designed with all the full features of an ideal sewing machine and professional use. For instance, it includes features such as a presser foot lift, a bobbin winder, and a needle threader. It also features cutting-edge technology, which makes it possible for sewing projects to be done with more power, confidence, and accuracy. The maximum stitch width offered by this machine is 7 mm.


  • The built-in LCD screen features buttons that are easy to navigate. Users can easily click on these buttons to choose their stitches.
  • It features a reverse button for reinforcing seams.
  • It is designed with a free arm that allows users to reach even the most difficult parts.
  • The interior frame of the machine is built using highly durable metal, which ensures that the machine provides a long life service.


  • It may at times skip stitches, resulting in stitching projects with loops.
  • The right location of the presser foot lever may be quite inconvenient to some sewers.

7. Juki HZL-353ZR-C

Juki HZL-353ZR-C Sewing Machine
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02/18/2024 05:09 am GMT

Juki HZL-353ZR-C boasts a high-powered motor, which sews at high speeds of 750 stitches for every minute. The heavy motor of this sewing machine also makes it possible for seamstresses to work with heavyweight fabrics. It comes with 21 built-in patterns.


  • The built-in LED-backlit eliminates any eye strain by users, as it illuminates their working space.
  • This is a compact and lightweight sewing machine hence can be carried around to be used at different locations.
  • The automatic needle threader threads needles for sewers, allowing them to start working immediately.
  • The built-in presser foot pressure-control system makes it possible for seamstresses to sew through all ranges of fabric, from lightweight fabrics to heavyweight fabrics.


  • The tension of the machine is sometimes wrong.

8. Brother CS5055PRW 

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine, Project Runway, 50 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, 7 Included Feet
  • 50 UNIQUE BUILT-IN STITCHES: The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW features 50 built-in stitches including 5 auto-size buttonholes
  • AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER AND DROP-IN TOP BOBBIN: This sewing machine includes an automatic needle threader that perfectly pushes the thread through the needle and a convenient, jam resistant drop-in...
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: The CS5055PRW comes with 7 sewing feet, 3-piece needle set, twin needle, instruction manual and more
  • LCD SCREEN: Simply select your stitches with the push of a button and view your selection on the LCD display
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02/18/2024 05:14 am GMT

Following is a computerized garment sewing machine, you can rest assured that it is very easy and simple to use. The Brother CS5055PRW can be used for all types of fabrics, both lightweight and heavy fabrics. This cloth stitching machine also includes 50 built-in stitches, which include decorative, buttonholes, overcasting edges, and zippers.


  • The long 25-year warranty that comes with the Brother sewing machine package guarantees its high quality and durability.
  • It features an automatic needle threader, which simplifies the work for users by pushing the threads through the needle.
  • It is designed with an LCD screen display, which allows seamstresses to easily select their stitch options.
  • Users can also adjust their stitch options, lengths, and widths easily using this machine.


  • The built-in LED light is quite dim.
  • The LCD screen display is also not well-lit, which makes it hard for seamstresses to read.

Buying Guide

If you are to make your sewing experience more fun and pleasurable, then you have to first choose the right sewing machine. The question is; how can you ensure that you go for the sewing machine that you not only love, but that also includes the right tools and features?

Well, before you can purchase a sewing machine for your profession, you need to remember the following 3 points;

1. Purchasing a Sewing Machine is a Big Investment

When you buy the clothes-making machine, this will last you for many years to come. On the other hand, going for the ‘cheaper deals’ can prove to be more expensive in the long run, due to all the mechanical repairs and replacements that you may have to do when the low-quality sewing machine breaks down. Therefore, when it comes to buying an ideal sewing machine, be ready to invest in a quality machine.

2. Buy your Sewing Machine from a Well-known Brand

Sewing machine stores, whether online or physical, are not termed as being reputable for no reason. Therefore, buy your sewing machine from reputable stores, such as Brother, Singer, Janome, Juki, and Elna brands. The good thing about these brands is that they provide you with a warranty, that ensures the high quality of the sewing machine.

3. You Won’t Remain a Sewing Machine Beginner Forever

It is not a bag thing to purchase a sewing machine for beginners. These types of machines can help you learn the art of sewing very fast. However, you need to remember that you won’t remain a sewing beginner forever. Therefore, it would be wise to buy the best-advanced sewing machine; a sewing machine that you will progress with.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sewing Machine for Professional Seamstress

Today, the market is exploding with sewing machines for both beginners and professional seamstresses. With all the sewing machines being manufactured daily, it can be quite confusing to know which ideal machine to purchase.

Taking the following 4 features into account can help you make the best decision on what best sewing machine for advanced sewers to go for;

  • Stitch Options.

As a professional seamstress, you are sewing constantly. Therefore, you most probably know what stitch options you use most frequently. Don’t just go for an advanced sewing machine that offers millions of stitch options. Rather, go for that particular sewing machine that provides the stitch options that you regularly use.

  • Seam Allowance Guides.

This is considered the most important feature of any sewing machine. Seam allowance refers to the distance between the sewing stitches and the fabric edges. The best sewing machine for professional use offers seam allowances of 1.5 cm on purchased patterns. Also, good sewing machines include guides designed on the plate, for helping users sew in straight lines.

  • Buttonholes.

Poor quality sewing machines lack any buttonhole attachments. On the other hand, a professional sewing machine includes buttonhole options. These may be either one-stage buttonholes or even four-stage buttonholes for the more advanced machines.

  • Bobbin Placement.

The bobbin in a sewing machine is very important, as it is what greatly determines the stitch quality. The older sewing machines have a separate mechanism spool, which is first taken out of the machine, after which the bobbin is then dropped in. This whole process can be very frustrating and tedious. Therefore, you would do well to go for the newer model sewing machines, which require you to just drop the bobbin off or in.

Types of Sewing Machine for Making Home Clothes

Sewing machines are not all alike. There are different types of machines, each with its unique features and characteristics. The following are the 6 main types of sewing machines for making home clothes;

1. Domestic Model Sewing Machine.

This is the most common type of home sewing machine used by beginners. The domestic model machine is built with a very simple design. Yet, this simple machine can be used for almost every home sewing project. Most of the domestic models are used for sewing straight seams. However, some can also make zigzag stitches, buttonholes, and even decorative stitches.

2.  Hand-operated Sewing Machine.

Hand-operated machines were very popular a while ago, but are now losing their popularity following the invention of commercial-grade sewing machines. With this type of machine, the wheel is operated manually. Also, the machine is designed with a handle, which when turned runs the machine.

3. Treadle Sewing Machine.

As the name suggests, the wheel of this machine is operated by treadling the built-in base stand. The treadle sewing machine works just like any other regular sewing machine. The only difference between these other machines is that; the treadle machine requires more manual work. 

4. Mechanical Sewing Machine.

Mechanical sewing machines have very simple designs, which make them ideal for beginners. They are constructed with simple knobs, which can be turned very easy to change the stitch widths, lengths, and tension. Another major advantage of these types of sewing machines is that; they come at very cheap and affordable prices.

5. Electronic Sewing Machine.

Electronic sewing machines are designed with convenient switches for operating the machine. They do not include any dials or knobs, as is included in other types of sewing machines. Electronic machines also offer users more stitch selections than other regular machines.

6. Computerized Sewing Machine.

A computerized sewing machine can be simply defined as an electronic sewing machine with advanced features for embroidery and more set-up programs. These types of machines perform projects faster than all other types of sewing machines. Their advanced features are what make them very expensive.

Which Type of Sewing Machine is Best for Professional Seamstress?

The best sewing machine for professional sewers is the commercial/industrial model sewing machine. Unlike other types of machines, industrial sewing machines are built with the capability of sewing multiple fabric layers together. These types of machines also work for long periods, without the built-in motor becoming heated.

Furthermore, industrial sewing machines work at very fast rates. Their high working speeds make them very convenient for professional seamstresses, as these can manage bulky and huge loads of work within a short period. The beauty and functionality of such industrial sewing machines are simply one to admire.

How to Become a Professional Seamstress

If you normally find fun in sewing, then you would do well to consider learning to sew as a profession. Becoming a professional seamstress would require you to be dedicated and willing to learn.

To become a professional seamstress, then you first need to develop an ‘eye for detail.’ This is because; sewing garments not only involves creating and joining several pieces of clothing but also involves matching threads and fabrics of different colors, textures, and sizes.

Therefore, before you can become a professional seamstress, develop a genuine interest in textiles. Learn how to measure and calculate pieces of fabric accurately. Also, you can consider joining a fashion college or course to acquire more knowledge. This is, however, an option for those who prefer to. After all, becoming a professional seamstress does not call for any fixed entry requirements.

If you choose to join a sewing course, you can go for either of the three-level certifications offered in most colleges. These certifications are;

Level 1 — Diploma or Certificate in Textiles and Fashion

Level 2 — Certificate or Award in Clothing and Fashion

Level 3 — Award in Fashion

However, remember that the best way that you can become a professional seamstress is by acquiring enough experience. Therefore, work with other professional sewers and experienced master tailors. Learn how these showcase their skills to their clients or employers. Acquiring and applying such first-hand information is the best way you can become a professional seamstress yourself.

The success of a seamstress’ career mostly depends on referrals. Therefore, when you start your own sewing business, work hard at building a strong client base for yourself. Also, sharpen your customer service skills, and you can trust that this will help to maintain your clientele. The more clients you attract, the more success your seamstress’ business will generate.

Read more: Advance sewing book for a professional seamstress


What Sewing Machines Do Professionals Use?

Most professionals make use of computerized sewing machines for their projects. These types of sewing machines are very easy and simple to use, which makes the work of these professionals much easier.

Also, most professionals consider computerized sewing machines for professional use, due to the high power and great speeds that these provide. Advanced sewers tend to have a lot of workloads. Hence, these fast-working computerized sewing machines always come in handy.

What Is The Most Reliable Brand For Sewing Machines?

The most reliable brand for sewing machines is the Singer brand. The different types of sewing machines manufactured by the Singer brand are the true definition of a workhorse. These machines are usually designed with an interior frame made using heavy-duty metal, as well as a bedplate of stainless steel. Both the metal interior frame and stainless steel ensure the durability of these Singer sewing machines.

Also, sewing machines by the Singer brand usually offer extra-high sewing speeds, making them the best sewing machine for professional sewers who tend to have a lot of workloads. More so, their heavy-duty aspect makes it possible to use these machines for sewing bulkier and thicker fabrics, which cannot be made using regular sewing machines.

What Kinds Of Sewing Machines Are Used By Fashion Designers?

A larger percentage of fashion designers use embroidery sewing machines for their projects. Fashion designers specialize in adding creativity to fashion work, as well as making intricate patterns on fabrics.

Embroidery machines provide users with such services, helping them come up with flawless patterns and seams on garments. This is why embroidery sewing machines make the most ideal machines for fashion designers, earning themselves the common name ‘designing machines.’

How Long Do Sewing Machines Last?

On average, the life span of sewing machines is approximately 5 years. However, there are other high-quality sewing machines designed to offer users a longer life service than 5 years, such as the 8 above-discussed heavy-duty sewing machines. Also, with proper maintenance and care, even regular sewing machines can last for longer periods than just 5 years.

How Often Do Sewing Machines Need Servicing?

If you normally sew just once a week, then your sewing machine would require lubrication at least once every month. On the other hand, if you are just an occasional sewer, using your machine, say, once per month, then you can lubricate the sewing machine at least once every 3 months. In other words, the more often you use your sewing machine, the more regularly you will need to service it.


As a professional seamstress, you have to choose a sewing machine that will offer you the best and faultless sewing experience. You deserve a machine that will not only give you well-defined work but will also ensure the precision and uniqueness of your work.

While not every sewing machine in the market can offer you all that, you can trust the above-recommended sewing machines for a professional seamstress to provide you with all those features. Get yourself, or your loved one, one of these faultless sewing machines, and benefit from the impressive features that these machines have to offer!


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