Can I Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy?

You are halfway through your pregnancy and you have been sewing for years. You wonder if it’s safe to use the sewing machine while pregnant.

Can I sew on my sewing machine while pregnant? A lot of seamstresses woman ask this question and the answer is yes. You can still do your sewing, but you need to be more careful. In today’s article, we will go over all the details that you need to know about using your sewing machine while pregnant.

Can I Use Sewing Machine During Pregnancy

What are the benefits of sewing during pregnancy?

Sewing is not harmful to health. In fact, it has good effects on pregnant women and keeps them healthy. Pregnant women can maintain their physical fitness through exercise and they also have the chance to put their minds at ease by engaging in various activities. Since sewing requires concentration and focus, it helps pregnant women remain calm when taking care of babies.

Long term effects of sewing machine on pregnant women

Like every physical activity, there are also certain risks to using a sewing machine during pregnancy. Extreme concentration, inappropriate posture, and pressure can lead to problems such as nausea, headache, and even extreme fatigue. It is imperative that pregnant women stand straight and maintain a healthy back posture while working on the machine. Moreover, frequent breaks from the job (at least once an hour for five minutes) help in rejuvenating the body and preventing health-related issues such as muscle stiffness, pain in the joints, etc.

If a pregnant woman finds it difficult to operate the machine due to extreme fatigue, she should ask for help from an experienced person in such cases. Moreover, pregnant women are recommended to avoid using machines that have complex controls and intricate buttons for sewing since they need more concentration than usual. Pregnant women who stay at home can also save money by making clothes for themselves instead of buying them (which is very common nowadays!). However, professional sewers working at garment factories face challenges when it comes to not only their physical health but also their mental well-being.

Use of sewing machine during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes various changes such as high blood pressure, increased heartbeat, and weight gain. Pregnant women are generally advised to refrain from physical activities that may put them under unnecessary stress. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t sew during pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended that pregnant women should engage themselves in activities like sewing to keep them healthy and calm throughout the entire nine months. However, there are certain precautions that must be taken while operating a sewing machine.

What are the precautions to take when using a sewing machine while pregnant

The precautions to be taken while operating a sewing machine during pregnancy include:

  • Use the footpedal with caution and keep checking the speed of your working process. If you are not comfortable using the pedal, switch off the power source. However, this precaution should only be taken when your body is not in good shape physically and mentally (due to pregnancy-related reasons).
  • While sewing, you must keep your concentration level high all the time. Since you will be concentrating on the machine and working with its various buttons, it is advisable that you wear loose clothes and not use tight-fitting garments. Especially if you are using a buttonhole function for sewing, ensure that the fitting of your clothes is comfortable and the buttons are not too tight.
  • You should also avoid using different stitches on the machine for sewing since this may cause pain in your body. For example, if you are a beginner at sewing and wish to start with forwarding stitching only, avoid using zigzag or other decorative stitches as they put more pressure on your hand and body.
  • You should also check the speed of the working machine before starting it. This will ensure that you don’t get hurt when using it for sewing purposes. The main reason behind this precaution is to make sure that you are completely comfortable working on the machine and its various settings before you start your job. If you feel a bit confused, ask your husband or another person in the house to help you with the same.
  • While sewing, remember to keep your hands out of the way of your machine needle. This can be avoided by keeping a small piece of cloth below your hand while operating a sewing machine during pregnancy. While threading the needle in your sewing machine, use a needle threader.

Sewing Myths for Pregnant Women

Sewing myths for pregnant women are a common thing nowadays. It is very often that sewing myths for pregnant women are related to the fear of losing control over the machine while using it. But these fears should not be taken seriously as they have no basis in fact at all. You can stitch away with your four needles during pregnancy without any fear on your part. And you should never think of reducing the speed or pressure of the foot pedal because this will cause damage to your physical well-being in the long run and even result in unnecessary stress. The sewing machine can put more pressure on a pregnant woman’s body, but it is always possible for her to control it.

Damage caused by a sewing machine when used during pregnancy

Sewing machines do not cause harm to pregnant women at all if they operate them well. However, there is always the possibility of certain injuries or accidents that may occur due to incorrect working and usage patterns on their part. For example:

  • It is very often that pregnant women tend to ignore the safety instructions given by manufacturers on the machine itself. This may lead to serious damage in case of needles and other sharp tools found in sewing machines.
  • Using a sewing machine during pregnancy can put more pressure on your hand and body due to movements of the fabric, but it requires high concentration levels from you to avoid these injuries.
  • It is also possible that you may not be comfortable using the sewing machine foot pedal during pregnancy due to physical changes in your body during this time period. In such a case, you can easily switch off the power source and use the machine manually to complete your work instead of using it automatically. However, you must make sure that you do not strain your hand movements as this may lead to serious physical injuries and complications.

When should I stop using my sewing machine during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, most of the physical changes that occur in your body are temporary. This is why you should not stop using a sewing machine until and unless it is absolutely necessary. But there are certain types of situations where you cannot use the same anymore for obvious reasons. These situations may vary depending on person to person, but we have provided a list of them here:

  • If you are suffering from any other kind of physical damage due to the use of sewing machine during pregnancy.
  • If your doctor advises against it.
  • In case of an emergency situation, where early delivery seems inevitable in spite of the fact that you have not reached full term yet.


It can be said that using a sewing machine while pregnant is not harmful. In certain circumstances, like extreme fatigue, you may feel the need to switch off your machine, but this should not be a routine practice. If you are an experienced seamstress looking to try out new skills while pregnant and wish to learn how to use a sewing machine during pregnancy, go ahead without any hesitation.


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