What’s the Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting?

knitting vs crocheting

Everybody loves clothing with beautiful crafts and needlework designs. The higher probability is that each of us has one or more crafted clothes in our wardrobe. It could be that well-knit hat or a beautifully crocheted sweater.

However, most of us cannot tell the difference between knitting and crocheting. If you are an enthusiast in crafting with yarn or love buying crafted items, you must learn the difference as well as similarity between knitting and crocheting.

Gaining a proper understanding of knitting vs crochet will help you learn which technique is most situated for you. Some people prefer crocheting since it only involves the use of one hook and one dominant hand. Others prefer knitting, claiming that it is more comfortable in the long run.

So, which technique would you enjoy the most? Go through the below-discussed differences between knitting and crocheting, and you will figure that out in no time!

Similarities Between Knitting and Crocheting

If you own a cloth that is either knitted or crocheted, you can agree that telling the difference between knitted and crocheted clothes is quite tricky. After all, these two types of crafts are very similar. The following points highlight the significant similarities between knitting and crocheting:

  • Both knitting and crocheting projects are done using yarns or fibers.
  • Both crafts use abbreviations, specific jargon and require a pattern.
  • Both knitting and crocheting require good hand-eye coordination, organizational skills, an excellent feel for design, and a proper understanding of different fibers.
  • Both crafts promote healthier living.
  • Both knitting and crocheting use the same amount of yarn, especially for similar projects.
  • They both involve using needles and hooks to manipulate several loops of yarn and create beautifully crafted projects.

Major Difference Between Knitting and Crocheting


Despite there being so many similarities between knitting and crocheting, these two types of needlework are very different. The following are the five most significant differences between knitting and crocheting:

1. Yarn

knitting yarn

There are different types of yarns sold in the market today. While some yarns are better off used while knitting, others are best used for crocheting projects. In knitting, the super chunks of yarns are most preferred as they make more beautiful projects.

Also, knitting uses a lesser amount of thread, unlike crocheting, which uses thread almost exclusively throughout the projects.

2. Tools

knitting tools

A pair of needles are the most commonly used tools for knitting. Different types of needles are available in the market. When it comes to hand knitting, most knitters use pointed knitting needles. Pointed needles usually come in sets of two and can be made from metal, plastic, or wood. Also, some knitting projects require circular knitting needles, which are usually attached with a cord. The double-pointed needles for knitting socks are usually bought in sets of four or five. Simply put, all needles used for knitting projects are pointed.

Other tools used for knitting projects are knitting looms and knitting machines. Machines and looms are predominantly used for the mass production of items, such as fabrics for garment industries.

On the other hand, crocheting projects require the use of single crochet hooks. While these hooks are available in different sizes, the structure of the hook remains the same. Most of the single crochet hooks are made using aluminum, wood, bamboo, steel, or plastic materials.

3. Fabric

knit fabric
Knit fabric

Knitted fabric and crocheted fabric have very different structures. The difference in the structure is because each craft involves different styles of looping the yarns. Therefore, the result for knitting and crocheting fabric is usually very different.

When knitting projects, each loop of yarn builds upon the previous loop. In other words, knitting requires one to keep several active yarn loops in a secure position on the needles. All the multiple active loops are held together by the knitting needles, such that each stitch is supported by the stitch below. In case the knitter drops a single stitch, then the entire column of stitches unravels.

crochet fabric
Crochet fabric

On the other hand, crocheting projects involve building only one or two loops, each at a time. Therefore, only one active loop of yarn requires attention. This specific loop functions to hold the project together, preventing it from unraveling. However, other advanced crocheting projects call for multiple loops, such as the broomstick lace. Blocking board, needle, pin, tape, yarn swift and ball winder, and several other tools will require to finish your knitting and crocheting projects.

4. Type of Projects

Both knitting and crocheting styles can be used to create variety of projects. However, the knitting style is mostly used with those garments with a better fit and drape. The needles used in knitting are what make it possible to create a drape of the finished fabric.

In turn, the crocheting style is mostly used for creating delicate but slightly stiffer fabric. Therefore, the style is ideal for making blankets, table runners, and other decorative home decors.

Other projects, such as socks, can be beautifully crafted using either the knitting or crocheting styles. The large number and different types of yarns sold in the market today allow for draped crochet projects and delicate knits. Therefore, the kind of projects you undertake, whether knitting or crocheting, will depend on your tastes and preferences.

5. Stitches

knit stitches
Knit stitches

Knit stitches are very different from crochet stitches. Knit stitches resemble either straight lines or little V’s.

crochet stitches
Crochet stitches

On the other hand, crochet stitches have a basic knotted look. Also, when compared to crochet stitches, the knit stitches are relatively smaller. Their small size is what makes knitting projects work up at a slower rate than crocheting projects.


Nothing can compare to the excitement of learning a new craft. Crocheting and knitting crafts allow people to dream about their best and most inspiring projects and make them. However, before you engage in any of these crafts, you first need to understand what each needlework style involves.

Only after learning the differences between crochet and knit, two crafts can you tell which specific craft interests you more. And if you are a beginner in crafting with yarn, then knowing the difference between knitting and crocheting will help you know which craft is better for you.



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