How to Crochet Faster — 7 Tips

Have you ever undertaken a crocheting project, only to feel like it’s taking forever to complete? It could be that you have so many crocheting projects to carry out, or a client needs their crocheting project done very soon.

If you regularly engage in crocheting, you most probably know this feeling. Sometimes, your crocheting projects may take too long that you are left wondering whether you are doing everything right. And this is even more depressing when you are doing the very best you can but can’t seem to make any progress whatsoever.

The good news is: in crocheting, there are a few tricks that can help you increase your crocheting speed. So, whichever reason you have for wanting to crochet faster, read this article on How to Crochet Faster.


Step by Step Guide

The following are seven simple tricks that can help you crochet faster and finish up your projects in no time:

1. Sit Comfortably

Crocheting seat

The very first step to crocheting faster is to sit comfortably. Before you start your crocheting, find the right spot where you can sit comfortably. Also, the place you choose to sit should provide you with a good posture while sitting.

Generally, when crocheting, avoid sitting on the floor as it doesn’t provide a comfortable sitting position. Also, avoid any hard surfaces that offer poor back support and postures. Instead, choose a comfortable seat that allows you to sit up straight.

More so, avoid hunching over your stitches while working, as this will only lead to your developing severe shoulder problems. It is very essential that you be as comfortable as possible when crocheting; otherwise, you will develop back and shoulders problems, which will, in turn, make you strain and slow down your crocheting process.

If you are beginner check this guide to learn crocheting.

2. Use Bulkier Yarns

bulkier crocheting yarn

As apparent as this suggestion may sound, it is one of the critical things that can help you increase your crocheting speed. If you notice that you are finishing your crocheting projects a little late, consider using bulkier yarns.

Projects that use thread yarns, or lace-weight yarns, tend to take too much time. Therefore, instead of using these tedious yarn types when crocheting, go for the chunky and super bulky yarns, such as the Bernat Blanket yarn.

3. Stretch Your Hands and Wrists

stretch your hands and wrist

Contrary to what most people think, crocheting at a faster speed is not all about how quickly you can move. Fast crocheting is also about stretching your arms, wrists, and hands while keeping this pain-free.

To ensure that your wrists and hands remain free from pain, first try out some stretches before starting your crocheting projects. The stretches help prevent pain and ensure that your arms and wrists remain more flexible throughout the projects.

The more flexible you remain during crocheting, the faster you will be able to stitch. Alternatively, you can also consider taking breaks every thirty minutes or so to perform some stretches.

4. Use the Best Crocheting Hook

Best Crocheting Hook

The market today offers so many types of crocheting hooks. These hooks are also made of different materials. While there is no particular magic hook for each crocheter, you should go for that hook that you find most comfortable to use.

Some crocheters prefer using soft-grip crochet hooks, such as the Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook. Avoid using crochet hooks that cause your hands to slip, such as aluminum hooks. With the right crocheting hook in your hands, you will be able to crochet much more comfortably and faster.

5. Get into a Rhythm

Crocheting Rhythm

Everyone can agree that; when you get into a rhythm of doing something. The same case applies to crocheting. If you wish to crochet faster, then you first need to get into the rhythm. Getting into a rhythm while crocheting means that you practice the crocheting process until your hook and arms move in a fluid-like manner.

Sometimes, you may realize that your hook is not moving smoothly in and out of the stitches. In such a case, the best thing to do would be to check your tension. It could be that you are crocheting too tightly, causing the hook to get stuck. Solving this tension problem will help boost your hands and hook’s fluid movement, ensuring a faster crocheting process.

6. Ensure your Yarn is in Place

Crocheting yarn in place

When crocheting, you must regularly check your yarn ball. The yarn should always be maintained in place throughout the crocheting process. When the yarn is not contained, it causes the crocheting process to slow down, leading to the delay of the finished crochet projects.

To check if your yarn is contained in a place, ask yourself the following questions:

Ø  During crocheting, am I doing the unwinding of yarn using my hands?

Ø  Does my yarn regularly get stuck in the middle of the center-pull yarn ball?

Ø  Does my yarn ball keep falling and rolling around on the ground?

If you say yes to one or more of the above questions, it means that your yarn is not in place. A yarn that is not in place usually develops low tension, which slows down the crocheting process. Use yarn swift and ball winder to make a yarn ball easily.

To ensure that your yarn is always kept in place, it would be best to use a yarn bowl. Yarn bowls help to keep the yarn contained in place. Its structure features a tiny opening located on one side. It is through this opening that you feed your yarn, keeping it nice and even.

7. Relax

Crocheting Relax

Yes, you heard it right. Relax! You can only crochet faster when you are relaxed. After all, when you are in a relaxed state, your posture and hands also relax. And when these relax, you can get that fluid movement, which in turn increases your stitching speed.

Therefore, avoid hovering over your work or gritting your teeth, as these will only cause you to be tense and uncomfortable. When you find it hard to relax, play some relaxing music, or do something else that encourages your brain to slow down. Get into the rhythm with the music, and you could even begin stitching to the rhythm of the music!

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Crocheting is an activity that can bring you great satisfaction and joy. And you wouldn’t want anything, such as slow crocheting, to minimize the joy this activity brings. Therefore, for faster crocheting, follow the above seven suggested tips on How to Crochet Faster. Who knows? You could even find yourself beating the world record of crocheting speed!



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