How To Thread A Necchi Sewing Machine?

The most significant dilemma after choosing an appropriate sewing tool is to figure out its features and functionality. Frankly, each of the Necchi series might slightly differ in its construction, set-up, and threading mechanism.

Which makes the dilemmas even more potent. Ugh.

However, you can finally sew away with pleasure. As our step-by-step guide on how to thread a Necchi sewing machine will not only ease all your stress after the purchase, but it will make dealing with any project child’s play.

So, let’s get started!


Threading A Necchi Sewing Machine:

Step 1 –

Start by placing a thread spool on the top-front spool pin. The machine’s thread spool guide should be quite visible at the top. Push your thread spool on the spooling buckle until it ticks in place.

Step 2 –

Lead around the loose end of the thread into the loop upon the tension disc. The tension disc’s location is atop the thread guides. Insert the open end through this loop and drag it out.

Step 3 –

You must then drag the same end towards the forefront of the Necchi manual sewing machine. You will notice that it will sit directly atop the grooved portion on your strict right. Drag your thread below onto this grooved area until it hits the base. As this step is particularly tricky, you can refer to your sewing machine’s arrows that signal where the threads must move towards.

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Step 4 –

Now, reverse the thread backward and atop the loop located at the sewing machine’s top. As you reach the base of the machine’s primary guide, change the thread’s direction again and draw it back up at the top. When you’re done, the thread must imitate a U shape on the front portion of the sewing tool.

Step 5 –

You will have to conduct the thread along with the subsequent two guides. The first guide is located on the left-hand side of the first guide. After lining the thread through, lead it down and supervise the thread within the guides settled atop the sewing machine’s needle.

I try this technique in order to know how to adjust the tension on my Necchi sewing machine. And it works best for the thread not to get arrested between the moving parts of the device.

Step 6 –

Lastly, you need to slip the thread through the needle’s eye. Make sure to drag a good few extra inches through the needle’s eyes so that there remain no chances of the thread to snap out or become undone.

The Double Needle:

Step 1 –

If you’re lucky enough to own a Necchi industrial sewing machine, you must place one spindle of thread on each of the spool pins. The spool pins are located at the front and rear of the sewing machine. Click here to see reviews of our favorite Necchi sewing machines.

Step 2 –

You need to wind the initial spool thread to your right and the rear spool to your left. As you keep progressing towards the needle, enclose the first spool of thread, encircling the tension disc continuing from the right side and the thread’s rear spool circling the left side. Lastly, embed both threads within the loop.

Step 3 –

After encircling both of the thread strands around the tension disc, keep threading the remaining way in the same manner, holding both the thread strands together. This bit is quite similar to what you would do with a single-thread sewing machine.

Step 4 –

Thread both the strands through each of the needle’s eyes. If you’re dealing with fuzzy thread ends, you can cut a small chunk off for a fresh edge or dip it in water or beeswax. As a precaution, pull out an extra few inches through the needle’s eyes on your Necchi Serger. It will secure the strand and not jam up the sewing machine.

The Bobbin Thread:

Step 1 –

In case you’re unfamiliar with this part of owning a sewing machine, the Necchi sewing machine company places the full bobbin beneath the feed dogs chamber. After exposing the chamber and the bobbin case, pull out around 3.9 inches of the thread. Then place the bobbin into the case.

Remember, if the needle is in its highest position, it will be easier to locate the bobbin.

Step 2 –

After loading the bobbin, pinch the thread’s end using your left hand, and it should already be placed through the needle’s eye at this point. If that’s not the case, then you can do it manually.

Step 3 –

Lastly, it would help if you turned the wheel several times to conjoin the head and bottom threads. The thread located at the bottom should become visible and connect after a few turns.

On the contrary, if you notice that the threads are still disconnected, try adjusting your sewing machine’s tension. Turning the dial by a notch or two to toughen the pressure should do the trick.


We hope you’ve overcome your anxiety about dealing with your newfound obsession with sewing. Nothing should be on your way to such magnificent, homemade creations, not even the lesser-known facts on how to thread a Necchi sewing machine.

Now you know better. So, hope to set up your machine and get down to business!


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