Learn How to Wrap a Loom in 10 Steps

What if you sat down to wrap your loom only to realize that you didn’t know how? Well, worry not! We spoke with experts in the field, and we’ve put together a detailed step-by-step guide for wrapping a loom.

How to Wrap a Loom?

Here is how:

Step 1: Place the new warp all over your floor or table. You may want to measure first so that it is evenly spaced.

You should not have a lot of slack in the warp. If it is more than ½ inch, cut the piece in half and add a new piece on either side of the cut. 

Step 2: Tuck the end of warp into its own loom to create a loop for the fringe or finial. If you have a circular loom, leave it free so that the final can be used on top and bottom.

Step 3: You will now need to decide if you want to add an extra row. This will give you more space for the fringe.

Step 4: Stick a pencil in between the warp threads and add two-ply strands of thread over it, not any thicker than your warp itself. Remove the pencil and smooth out the threads over it with your fingers. This is called “wrapping” or “threading” your warp.

It is most important that you move the pencil exactly as you are threading. If you do not, your loom will turn out uneven.

Step 5: Wrap your warp at least three times. However, more wraps will give you a more subtle weaving look and allow for a larger fringe. Take your time on these last two wraps. You don’t want it to be too tight or too loose and risk ending up with holes in the warp threading. 

Step 6: Your warp is now wrapped!  Take a last look and make sure that the warp is perfectly round like it was before.

Step 7: If you want, you can add a thinner knot or a more decorative piece where the new scroll would be.

To get the thread ends to go into the threads properly, make a knot in both directions of your weaving thread (over and under).

Step 8: Place center marks on the weave section being used. This will help you determine when to stop weaving.

Step 9: You can now begin your scroll. The basic weave is to leave two lines of warp threads on either side of the center mark while weaving under and over the center mark.

Step 10: Add fringe or finial to the top and tie it in place with a simple overhand knot or bow, whichever you prefer.

Check this video by Portage College for a visual representation of how to wrap a loom:

This video explains how wrapping a loom is done. Notice the emphasis on remembering to lay one strand over the other or else you risk having gaps in your work.

That’s all!

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