Learn How to Fix Crochet Mistakes?

All crocheters, whether beginners or experienced, make different crocheting mistakes from time to time. And, regardless of how many times you make these crochet blunders, you need not feel ashamed nor incompetent. After all, we all learn through our mistakes.

However, if you want to avoid repeating the same crocheting mistakes repeatedly, you need first to be aware of these. This article considers ten common crochet mistakes that people make and how you can quickly fix them. Read on!

learn how to fix crochet mistakes

Top 10 Crochet Mistakes

The following are the top ten crochet mistakes that most of us make:

  1. Crocheting only in the front loop
  2. The crocheting project gets wider and wider.
  3. Forgetting to count the rows while working
  4. Confusing the U.K and U.S crochet terms
  5. Using yarns of different weights
  6. Using hooks of the wrong size
  7. Forgetting to read through the entire crochet pattern first
  8. Failure to count the starting chain accurately.
  9. Failure to create a gauge swatch
  10. Not leaving a tail of yarn that is long enough.

How to Fix Crochet Mistakes

Making one or more of the above crochet mistakes doesn’t mean that you are doomed. Regardless of how many mistakes you make during your crocheting activity, the good news is that you can still fix them.

Consider the following ten ways on how you can fix the above mentioned top ten crochet mistakes:

1.) Crocheting Only in The Front Loop.

Crocheting Only in The Front Loop

Most beginners make this particular crochet mistake. Sometimes, if you don’t fully understand what is involved in crocheting, you may find yourself crocheting only in the front loop. Also, a hook that keeps on slipping can cause one to crochet only in the front loop.

To fix this crochet mistake, all you need to do is take your time. Calmly analyze every single row that you are working on, doing so without rushing. However tedious this may be, you must always double-check your stitch and ensure that they are correctly functioning.

2.) The Crocheting Project Gets Wider and Wider.

Crocheting Project Gets Wider and Wider

If you are a regular crocheter, you most probably have made this mistake at least once. One minute you are stitching your rectangular blanket back and forth; the next minute, you find yourself stitching a hexagon blanket!

To prevent your crocheting projects from getting broader and broader, always remember to count your stitches from time to time. Otherwise, you could find yourself unintentionally doubling up your stitches or working an additional stitch where the chain turns.

3.) Forgetting to Count the Rows While Working.

Forgetting to Count the Rows While Working

During crocheting, forgetting to count your rows as you work could cost you a lot of time. You might find yourself with even five or more unwanted rows, forcing you to repeat your project, which in turn wastes a lot of time.

Therefore, to ensure that you don’t waste valuable time during crocheting, don’t forget to count your rows as you work. If you are working with many rows, you can easily count these using a row counter. There are different types of row counters sold in the market. Hence rest assured that you will always find one that meets your preferences and budget.

4.) Confusing the U.K and U.S Crochet Terms.

U.K and U.S Crochet Terms

This confusion problem especially comes about when a crocheter is writing patterns of their own. Most crocheters don’t even realize that there are U.K and U.S terms until they encounter a client from either state.

To avoid confusion, all crocheters should learn the differences between U.K and U.S crochet terms. For instance, while we call it a ‘single crochet’ in the U.S, the same activity is known as a ‘double crochet’ in the U.K. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with these differences can help you avoid this confusion when designing your crochet patterns.

5.) Using Yarns of Different Weights.

Yarns of Different Weights

One of the most important things to consider is your yarn’s weight when following a particular crochet pattern. However, one of the common mistakes that crocheters make is using yarns of different weights, then expecting to acquire the same pattern.

When crocheting, remember that each pattern can only be achieved with the specific yarn outlined. In simple terms, you can’t make a chunky scarf that requires #6 yarn using a #5 yarn. Always use the exact weight of yarn specified in the pattern.

6.) Using Hooks of the Wrong Size.

Crochet hooks

Using a hook of the wrong size for your crocheting activity can lead to a dramatic change in your project’s result. Also, since every single pattern usually comes with its specific hook size, using a hook of different size could cause the stitches to be too tight or too loose.

To fix this mistake, always remember to read the pattern closely and accurately before starting your project. Doing so will ensure that you always use the correct hook size for your projects. You can also consider using a gauge swatch each time you crochet; the gauge swatch automatically turns off when you use the wrong hook size.

7.) Forgetting to Read Through the Entire Crochet Pattern First.

As a crocheter, the last thing you most probably want to hear is ‘Read through each line of the crochet pattern first.’ Yet, this is among the essential things that can help you avoid making different mistakes. Forgetting to read through the entire crochet pattern first can get confused and make even bigger crochet mistakes.

8.) Failure to Count the Starting Chain Accurately.

Every crochet project has one central backbone; the starting chain. It is no wonder that chaining is the very first thing taught in crocheting. However, one mistake that people make is forgetting to place the first stitch in its correct chain.

This mistake usually results in too many or too few stitches, forcing the crocheter to start their projects all over again. The best way to fix this crochet mistake is to familiarize yourself with how chaining works and how to count the chains accurately.

9.) Failure to Create a Gauge Swatch.

A gauge swatch is a simple square that makes it much easier to follow crochet patterns and designs. When a crocheter fails to create their gauge swatch, they may find themselves following patterns made by other people. In turn, this results in projects that are different and much looser than the original one.

Therefore, make sure to create your gauge swatch before engaging in a project. Despite its simple size, a gauge swatch can save a lot of time and effort by ensuring that you always follow your intended patterns.

10.) Not Leaving a Tail of Yarn that is Long Enough.

While weaving in the ends is one of the most boring stages of crocheting, it doesn’t mean that you cut the yarn at the end. Cutting the yarn could lead to your having a shorter tail of yarn, hence ruining your entire project.

Instead, always ensure that you leave a tail of yarn with a healthy length. The most recommended length is five to six inches; this healthy length ensures the process is accurate and painless.


Irrespective of how skilled you are in crocheting, the above ten ways on How to Fix Crochet Mistakes can help you in your crochet journey. So, when you make either of the above mistakes, don’t lose hope. Remember that these are common mistakes, and by being extra careful, you can avoid those and make yours a happy crocheting!



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