Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Reviews [In-depth Analysis]

If you’ve been considering picking up a Singer heavy-duty 4452 sewing machine, it’s important to know what you’re actually getting for your money. Don’t just buy based on the name!

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about what the Singer heavy-duty 4452 can do and how well it does that. We’ll also answer any questions you might have.

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine , Gray
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As a quick note: We’ll be comparing the Singer heavy-duty 4452 to its closest relative, the Singer heavy duty 4432. These two models are essentially the same thing with slightly different features and accessories. Both are bulky machines with plenty of power. They’re generally great for beginners and those who want to do serious sewing projects.

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If you only plan to do light sewing, you’re probably better off looking at other options. These machines are targeted toward heavy-duty sewing and industrial use.


  • Stitches Per Minute: 1,100
  • Max Stitch Width: 6mm
  • Stitch Count: 32
  • Included Presser Feet: 7
  • Volts: 120V
  • Amps: 7⁄10
  • Watts: 120
  • Hz: 60
  • Size: 15 ½” x 6 ¼” x 12”
  • Weight: 15.71 pounds
  • Warranty: 90 days / 2yr / 24yr

Features Breakdown:

Powerful Motor:

If you need a machine to sew through several layers of thick leather, the singer heavy duty 4452 is the one you want. It has a massive motor that can power through practically any project. This is great if you need to do heavy-duty tasks like sewing leather or canvas, upholstery stitching, or making quilts and comforters. It can also handle multiple layers of fabric if needed.

Sewing Speed:

The Singer heavy-duty 4452 can move at up to 18.5 stitches per second. This is incredibly fast for a sewing machine! When sewing thick materials, you’ll definitely want something that moves as fast as this. The more layers you’re sewing at once, the faster you’ll need to go.

Stitch Quality:

The stitch quality is decent for the price of the machine, but it’s nothing amazing. You’ll get uneven stitches a lot of the time if you’re in a rush. Luckily, this machine comes with an adjustable stitch length that should help fix any issues you come across.

Versatile Stitches:

The Singer heavy-duty 4432 is equipped with numerous stitches to help you do almost any sewing job. It’s got a nice selection of straight and zigzag stitches, as well as decorative and specialty stitches. It has 110 built-in stitches, and you can add more with an accessory pack.

Adjustable Stitch Length:

One of the features that make the Singer heavy-duty 4452 so different from other models is its ability to set adjustable stitch length. The longest stitch length is 9mm, and it can go up to a whopping 14mm. This is a huge range of options for almost every project! If you need a machine that can sew everything from fine buttonholes to thick denim, this one has got you covered.

Adjustable Pressure/Stitch Width:

You can customize the pressure and stitch width on this machine. This is great for achieving a variety of sewing effects, such as satin stitch or blind hemming. It also allows you to set the perfect tension for skirting and piecing. You can also adjust these settings if your project requires it.

Automatic Needle Threader:

This feature is super convenient. It allows you to thread the needle without even looking at it. Many people prefer this feature over having to use a hand crank or screwdriver.

Built-In Bobbins:

Like most sewing machines, the Singer heavy-duty 4432 includes several built-in bobbins. You can use these bobbins to hold different types of thread, such as all-purpose thread or specialty threads like silk. They hold up to a maximum amount of 30 yards and will store conveniently on the bottom of the machine. This is great if you need to make a large number of projects at once or if you just want to save space.

Extra Features:

The Singer heavy-duty 4452 is a solid sewing machine, and that’s it. There aren’t many extra features to speak of, which is expected at this price point.

Heavy Duty Body:

The case and body of the machine are very thick and sturdy. It’s composed of a lot of metal components, which is great for long-lasting performance. If you’re planning on doing heavy-duty tasks such as looking at heavy leather or upholstery, this machine will really stand the test of time.


The machine weighs around 15.71 pounds, so you should have no problem moving it around your home. The weight is definitely heavier than other machines in its price range, but it’s not too heavy to carry.


  • High-quality motor with incredible sewing speed.
  • Adjustable stitch length and width.
  • Built-in bobbins for easy threading.


  • No extra features or special stitches
  • Uneven stitching if you aren’t careful.
SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine , Gray
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Experts Opinion:

Sewing Machine Repair Guy” is a machine repairman and highly recommends the Singer Heavy Duty 4452. He says,

“The machine has an incredible sewing speed and has never had a problem with it. Singer Heavy Duty 4432 is also one of the most popular machines he works on because of its durability and wide range of stitches.”

by sewing machine repair guy.

He made a video of 4452 to look inside the machine and describe technical details.

Unboxing Video:


Click here to find the manual.


What Are The Reasons To Buy This Machine?

It’s a great deal for the price. Most machines in this price range don’t have adjustable stitch length and width, which is a huge bonus. The built-in bobbins are a huge plus. If you’re planning on sewing a lot of projects, these can be a huge time saver.

What Are The Reasons NOT To Buy This Machine?

If you need a serious sewing machine with many stitches and features, this isn’t the best choice for you. You can always purchase an accessory pack to expand your options on this model. If you have very delicate fabrics that need to be sewn, you might be disappointed with the stitching quality on this model.

Where To Buy The Singer Heavy Duty 4452?

Amazon is always one of my top recommended platforms to purchase from, as it is a reputable online platform with reasonable prices and quality assurance.

What Are The Problems With This Machine?

The tension settings aren’t very easy to use. You have to dig through the manual to find the special tools you need to adjust your tension, making it difficult for beginners. The Singer heavy-duty 4452 isn’t quite enough, and it can be loud, especially if you’re working in a small office environment. This can be a deal-breaker for some people, so make sure you’re aware of this before purchasing.

What Stitches Are On The Singer 4452?

Stitches include:
Standard straight stitch
Zigzag stitch
Decorative stitch

These stitches are easily accessible on the Singer heavy-duty 4452. You can easily use these features to add some flair to your project. If you’re planning on doing more complicated creations, you might need a different model.

What Are The Included Presser Feet?

There are seven different presser feet included with the Singer heavy duty 4452. These include:

All-Purpose 1/4″ (6 mm) Presser Foot
1/8″ (3 mm) Stretch Stitch Foot
Cording foot for stitching curtain rods, hosiery, and other more delicate items.
Zipper Foot for sewing zippers, buttons, and more.

The attachment features are great on this model because you can get everything you need in one machine.

What To Expect From Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine?

The Singer Heavy Duty Model 4452 is a great machine because it offers many features for a low price. It’s also the perfect size to use in any room, even if your space is limited. The only downsides are that the machine is a little noisier than other models, and it can be difficult to thread. Overall, this sewing machine is a great choice for someone looking for the best bang for their buck.

How Does The Singer Heavy Duty 4452 Compare To Other Sewing Machines?

The Singer heavy duty is comparable to the Janome Heavy Duty HD3000 Sewing Machine. Both models have similar features. They have both been designed to perform a range of heavy-duty tasks.

Both machines have seven presser feet. An interesting note is that both models rely on ball bearings for their motors.
The Janome heavy-duty is a little quieter and feels heavier, but only by about 4 to 5 pounds.

In my opinion, there is only one clear winner between the two. The Janome HD3000 is easier to use all around. It has a more intuitive button system. It also has a wider array of feet, including an embroidery foot that the Singer does not have. But when compared to price – the Singer 4452 is more affordable and is a better value.

Where Can I Get Extra Parts For My Singer Heavy Duty 4452?

Please visit the Singer 4452 sewing machine parts page and select the part you need. It is located at the top of the page under “Accessories.”
You may also find whatever part you need from other sewing machines by searching for your model number using this link.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this is a great sewing machine that offers good value for your money. If you’re looking at it from the perspective of someone who wants to do a lot of projects, it’s a great investment. It will help you get some good practice and might be able to handle the heavier jobs you have in mind. It’s versatile and has lots of impressive features that are easy to use. It’s a solid choice for beginners and even experienced sewers. Without hesitation, you can buy the machine, and you will be satisfied with it.

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SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine , Gray
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