What Does An Embroidery Needle Look Like?

An embroidery needle is a long, thin needle with a sharp point. It is used to sew fabrics together. The eye of the needle is small and round.

The shaft of the needle is straight. The point of the needle is sharp.

Do you know your needles? Types & sizes of hand embroidery needle explained!

If you’re new to embroidery, you might be wondering what an embroidery needle looks like. Here’s a quick rundown: Embroidery needles are longer and thinner than regular sewing needles, and they have a slightly rounded tip.

The eye of the needle is also larger, which makes it easier to thread with thick embroidery floss. There are different types of embroidery needles available, but the most common type is the sharp needle. This is the best choice for most projects, as it can pierce through fabric easily.

Once you’ve chosen the right needle for your project, make sure to thread it correctly! If you’re not sure how, check out our tutorial on How to Thread an Embroidery Needle.

Hand Embroidery Needle Types

There are a variety of hand embroidery needles available, each with its own specific purpose. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different types of needles available and when you might use each one. The most basic type of needle is the straight needle.

This is the kind of needle you’re likely to find in any basic sewing kit. Straight needles are used for a variety of purposes, including general hand stitching and attaching trims. Another common type of needle is the curved needle.

Curved needles are useful for reaching tight spaces or for working with thicker fabrics. They can also be helpful when stitching around curves. There are also eyelet needles, which have a large hole near the tip that’s ideal for threading ribbon or other trims through fabric.

These needles come in both straight and curved varieties. Finally, there are tapestry needles, which have blunt tips and large eyes. Tapestry needles are often used for counted cross stitch or other types of embroidery that require precise placement of stitches.

What Does An Embroidery Needle Look Like?

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What Type of Needle is Used for Embroidery?

There are a few different types of needles that can be used for embroidery, but the most common type is the pointed embroidery needle. This needle has a sharp point and a small eye, which makes it perfect for stitching through fabric. The smaller the needle, the finer the stitches will be.

Another type of needle that can be used for embroidery is the tapestry needle. This needle has a blunt tip and a large eye, which makes it easier to thread yarn or thicker threads through the fabric. Tapestry needles are also great for weaving in ends or working with fringe.

Finally, there are crewel needles, which are similar to tapestry needles but have a slightly sharper point. Crewel needles are often used for crewelwork, which is a type of embroidery that uses wool thread to create detailed designs. No matter what type of needle you choose, make sure it’s the right size for your project and fabric.

Using a too-large needle will cause your stitches to be loose and uneven, while using a too-small needle will make them tight and difficult to sew.

Can I Use Any Needle for Embroidery?

No, you cannot use any needle for embroidery. Embroidery needles have a sharp point and a large eye to accommodate the thickness of embroidery thread. You can purchase embroidery needles at most craft stores.

What Does a Hand Embroidery Needle Look Like?

When you think of hand embroidery, you might picture a needle with a long, thin shaft and a small eye. But there are actually many different types of needles available for this type of needlework, each with its own unique features. The most common type of needle used in hand embroidery is the sharp needle.

It has a sharp point at the end that is used to pierce through fabric. The eye of the needle is usually slightly larger than the shaft, making it easier to thread. Another popular type of hand embroidery needle is the tapestry needle.

This needle has a blunt end and a large eye. The eye helps to prevent the thread from slipping out while you’re working. Tapestry needles are often used for thicker fabrics or when working with multiple strands of thread.

There are also specialty needles available for specific techniques or materials. For example, there are needles designed specifically for use with beads or sequins. These needles have very small eyes so that they can pass through these tiny embellishments without damaging them.

No matter what type of hand embroidery project you’re working on, there’s a perfect needle out there for the job!

Are Sewing Needles And Embroidery Needles the Same?

No, sewing needles and embroidery needles are not the same. Sewing needles are typically shorter and have a larger eye than embroidery needles. Embroidery needles also have a sharp point, which is ideal for piercing through fabric, while sewing needles have a rounded tip.


An embroidery needle is a small, thin needle with a sharp point. It is used for sewing on fabrics, such as clothing, and is often made of metal or plastic. The needles come in different sizes and have different types of points, depending on the type of fabric being sewn.


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