What Is A Traditional Sew In?

A traditional sew-in is a type of weave that is sewn in place. The hair extensions are sewn to small cornrowed sections close to the scalp using a needle and thread. This method can be quite time-consuming, but it produces a very secure and natural-looking result.

Traditional sew-ins can last for several weeks or even months with proper care.


A traditional sew in is a type of weave that uses needle and thread to attach the hair extensions to your natural hair. The extensions can be made from real human hair or synthetic fibers, and are available in a variety of colors and textures. Traditional sew ins usually last for 4-6 weeks before needing to be redone.

Traditional Sew-In Vs Closure

There are many differences between a traditional sew-in and a closure sew-in. A traditional sew-in requires that the hair be cornrowed down in order to provide a base for the wefted hair extensions to be sewn into. This can often be a time consuming process, as the cornrows must be carefully sectioned and then sewn down flat against the scalp.

Closure sew-ins, on the other hand, utilize a small piece of hair weave that is attached to a lace or silk base. This closure can then be sewn onto the cornrows or braided base, providing a more natural looking scalp coverage. One advantage of a traditional sew-in is that it can last up to eight weeks with proper care.

This extended wear time is due to the fact that the extensions are literally being “sewn” into your own hair. However, because closures are not as securely attached to the head, they typically only last four to six weeks before needing to be replaced. Another difference between these two types of sew-ins is in how they are installed.

Traditional sew-ins usually take longer to install because each individual weft must be sewn into place. Closure sew-ins are generally quicker since only one piece needs to be attached at the crown of the head. So which type of sew-in is right for you?

If you want a style that will last longer and don’t mind spending extra time in the salon chair, then go for a traditional sew-in. If you want something that looks more natural and takes less time to install, then opt for a closure sew-in instead!

What Is A Traditional Sew In?

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What’S the Difference between a Traditional Sew in And a Closure Sew In?

A closure sew in is a type of weave that uses a small piece of lace or fabric to cover the area where the hair extensions are sewn in. This gives the appearance of a natural scalp and allows for versatile styling options. A traditional sew in does not use a closure and may require more frequent touch ups to maintain a natural look.

How Long Does a Traditional Sew in Last?

A sew in is a weave where the natural hair is braided down in cornrows and the extensions are sewn on to the braids. A traditional sew-in can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks with proper care.

What are the Different Types of Sew-Ins?

There are many different types of sew-ins, but the most common are partial sew-ins, full sew-ins, and invisible part sew-ins. A partial sew-in involves sewing in only a portion of the weave, leaving some of your natural hair out. This is a good option if you want to add body and volume to your hair without completely covering it.

A full sew-in involves sewing in all of the weave, so that none of your natural hair is left out. This is a good option if you want to add length and/or thickness to your hair, or if you want to protect your natural hair from heat damage. An invisible part sew-in involves sewing in the weave so that it covers your entire head, except for a small section in the front where your natural hair part will show through.

This is a good option if you want to add length and/or thickness to your hair while still being able to see your natural hairline.

Is a Traditional Sew in a Leave Out?

A traditional sew in is a weave that does not require any of your own hair to be left out. The entire weave will be sewn onto cornrowed braids close to the scalp. This method can give you a very sleek look and can last up to 8 weeks with proper care.


A traditional sew in is a type of hair weave that uses a needle and thread to attach the weave tracks to your natural hair. This method is also known as a “sew in weft” or “threading.” The main advantage of a traditional sew in is that it is very secure and can last for several weeks without requiring any special care.


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