Where To Donate Knitted Items?

There are many wonderful organizations that accept donations of hand-knit items. Here are just a few: The Knitting Guild Association is a UK charity that collects hand-knit items to distribute to those in need, both in the UK and abroad.

They have an extensive list of where your knitwear can go to make a difference. Warm Up America! is a US based charity with a mission to “provide warmth, comfort and hope to those who are ill, injured, or otherwise in need”. They collect afghans, hats, scarves and other knitted items to distribute to people in need across the United States.

You can find more information about how to donate on their website. Sox for Souls is another US based charity with a mission similar to Warm Up America! They collect new socks (and other warm items) year round to distribute to people experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty.

You can read more about their work and how you can help on their website.

Charity Donation Tips and Guidelines | Knit, Crochet & MORE!

Donating your unwanted or unneeded knit items can be a great way to clear out your yarn stash and help others in the process. But where should you donate your knit goods? Here are a few ideas:

1. Local homeless shelters or women’s shelters – These places are always in need of warm clothing, especially during the winter months. Your hand-knit hats, scarves, and mittens will be greatly appreciated! 2. Children’s hospitals – Knitted blankets and toys can bring comfort to sick children and their families during a difficult time.

3. Senior centers – Many seniors enjoy receiving hand-made gifts, and your knitting could brighten someone’s day. 4. Animal shelters – Animals can benefit from cozy knitwear too! Donate pet beds or blankets to your local animal shelter.

Where to Donate Knitted Items near Me

If you’re like many knitters, you have a stash of yarn and unfinished projects that you’ll never use. But don’t despair! There are plenty of places where you can donate your unwanted knitting items.

Here are some ideas: 1. Local charities. Check with your local food bank, women’s shelter, or senior center to see if they accept donations of knit goods.

2. Hospital gift shops. Many hospitals have gift shops that sell items to patients and visitors. Your donated knit goods could bring comfort to someone who is spending time in the hospital.

3. Nursing homes. Residents of nursing homes often appreciate having something to do with their hands, so donating your unwanted knitting could provide them with hours of enjoyment. 4. Schools and daycares.

Where To Donate Knitted Items?

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What Can I Knit for Local Charities?

There are many local charities that could use your talents as a knitter! blankets for babies, hats and gloves for the homeless, and lap robes for seniors are just a few of the items that are always in need. You can also check with your local hospital or police station to see if they have any specific requests. If you’re looking for ideas, there are plenty of free patterns available online.

Just do a quick search for “charity knitting patterns” and you’ll find tons of options.

Where Can I Donate Knitted Items in Canada?

There are many places to donate knitted items in Canada! Here are just a few: 1. The Canadian Red Cross accepts donations of new, hand-crafted items like knitwear, to be sent to people affected by disasters and emergencies both domestically and internationally.

You can check out their website for more information and to find a drop-off location near you. 2. Another great option is donating to your local hospital or senior’s home. Many hospitals have “babies in need” programs where they accept donations of handmade items for newborns, while senior homes are always appreciative of any gifts that help make their residents’ lives more comfortable.

Contact your nearest hospital or seniors’ home to see if they have any specific donation requirements or wish lists. 3. There are also numerous national and regional charities that collect handmade items like knitwear, such as the Salvation Army, Covenant House, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. A quick internet search will help you find a charity near you that could use your donation!

Where is the Best Place to Sell Knitted Items?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best place to sell knitted items will vary depending on the type of item being sold and the target market. However, some tips on where to sell knitted items include online platforms such as Etsy or Amazon Handmade, craft fairs, or local boutiques. When selling online, it is important to take quality photos of the items and write detailed descriptions in order to attract buyers.

For craft fairs, consider making a display that shows off the items in their best light. And finally, when selling through local boutiques, it is important to build relationships with the owners or buyers and ensure that the pricing is in line with what they are willing to pay.

Can You Donate Knitted Scarves?

If you’re a knitter, you may be wondering if you can donate your handmade scarves to charity. The answer is yes! There are many organizations that accept scarf donations year-round.

One option is Scarves for the Brave (http://scarvesforthebrave.org/). This organization provides hand-knit and crocheted scarves to veterans in VA hospitals across the country. They have specific guidelines for scarf submissions, so be sure to check their website before sending in your donation.

Another great option is Project Linus (https://www.projectlinus.org/). This nonprofit provides blankets and afghans to children in need of comfort, including those who are ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need of a “hug” through their network of volunteer “blanketeers.” They have chapters all over the United States, so there may be one near you that could use your scarf donation!

So go ahead and dig out those needles and get started on a scarf (or two) to donate – it will bring warmth and comfort to someone in need!


There are many places to donate knitted items, such as hospitals, cancer patients, and senior citizens’ homes. When looking for a place to donate, it is important to consider the needs of the recipient. For example, some recipients may need items that are more sturdy, while others may prefer softer items.

Once you have found a place to donate, be sure to wash and block the item before giving it away.


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